Vital Skin Report

The Truth and Consequences of Skin-Care 



You are now on your way to having everything that you really need to have the most beautiful, healthy skin that your body can generate.

How can you have the most beautiful and healthy skin your body can produce?

Follow me step by step through these pages and you will KNOW! All that you need at this point is an open mind. Don't believe anything yet, but don't discount the possibility that this just might work for you.

Secrets of a desperate "Baby Boomer" and Skin-Care Professional revealed:

You see, at 36, I saw myself as attractive, youthful; and why not, I had followed a good exercise program, good eating habits and did not have any "bad habits." Some of my friends, who were my age, looked younger than me, some looked older.

All of a sudden I saw that my skin was slipping, I was losing my "looks." I was beginning to look like my mother! How painful this was! Why me? And why now? Well, I decided not to take this lying down. I was NOT going to "age gracefully." I was going to fight it every inch of the way. I believed that just as in my ballet class, "Practice makes perfect." Would it follow that "practicing" a skin-care program should at least retard my aging process or perhaps even reverse it? Somewhat?--Not so, read on.

This was a going to be a fight to the finish! I would not let a few wrinkles, thinning skin, dry spots or blemishes remain on myface. I declared war! I bought the TV miracle creams and programs; I even tested the best European product lines I researched at international beauty conventions. They offered no new technologies and after testing them on myself, my skin looked no younger.

Many friends and professional colleagues were also fighting the formidable foes--they also got no results. The "bad guys" (wrinkles, sun damage, spots, blemishes, etc.) were winning!

Some just gave up, saying that aging was a natural process. "When the clock strikes a certain time", as one gal was saying, "it's the signal for everything that's ugly to pop out on your face--all the sunburns, pimples you squeezed in your youth--it's pay-back time!"

Here are the Questions of the Century: Read them and their answers carefully because it could change the way you and others look at you forever!


QUESTION OF THE CENTURY #1: What do you get when you focus the knowledge and experience of a group of bright MD and Ph.D. chemists and nutritionists for over 30 years to design a way to super-feed the skin with the nutrients that would give results beyond anything else available?


ANSWER: You get the most advanced method of skin renewal and maintenance on this planet, the one that by definition would give your skin the maximum beauty and health in existence-- radiant, glowing, taut, moist and approachable!


QUESTION OF THE CENTURY #2: If such products were available to you, would you be interested in finding out more about them?


ANSWER: Yes, but only if you feel you deserve to have the youngest looking, freshest, most supple, hydrated, wrinkle free, blemish free skin that your body could possibly generate as soon as possible and keep it looking great for as long as possible!


When at my age 41, our dear friend the M.D., Ph.D. chemist who produced these formulations asked me to test his revolutionary, wonderful skin preparations. Of course I agreed! So, he gave me a 3-week supply of his serums. As I left his laboratory I wondered: How would they work? Mind you, I had been a professional in the skin-care business for several years, had seen products from all over the world and none of the thousands of products had the abilities to “feed the skin” topically to give visible results.

These formulations felt great from the very first application. My skin started firming up, looking thicker, healthier, more glowing and more supple. When the three-week period was up I was begging for more--my skin looked years younger and in time it got and still continues to get better and better.  I could not imagine living without the Renewal Serums. I had to have them!

Do you know what pressure is?  Well, friends accused me of not sharing my skin secret with them. People actually thought I got a peel and had my eyes done.

YES! My skin looked GREAT! Hydrated, supple, thicker. What a thrill! I looked in the mirror and could hardly believe it was me. I had actually taken command of my skin's aging process--and they said it couldn't be done, HA!

Our scientist friend offered to make his formulas for The Vital Image; would I like that?

Well, after I picked myself up from the floor we got busy immediately. We further tested the serums on people with different types of skin, ages and of both sexes and noted the results. We then interpreted the data to write this report.

Men, as it turned out, were just as interested in the products as the women. They also had to have healthier skin and look good. Let’s face it, more attractive people have an edge in our society.  Men have to look good for their wives or girl friends, business meetings or to get that "younger man" role in the commercial or movie.

At 36, I looked 36. Now at 59, people guess that I don’t look a day over 40!

The quantum leap advancement of our products is beyond other current technologies and is proven every day by thousands of users.

The skin re-hydrates, regains elasticity, controls acne, incredibly reduces wrinkles, lightens age spots, and dramatically corrects sun damage.

 After testing the Skin Renewal formulas on all skin types and conditions, we can only conclude that they have no equal. Without exception the results are incredible!

Let's crush this myth: "Practice Makes Perfect." We've heard it all of our lives. How could it not be true? Well, it is FALSE!--If you continue to practice the same mistakes on your skin, you will suffer the consequences of having it look older! So, let’s adapt the superior way of thinking:


If you are anything like me, this will hit you right between the ears, too.  So, here it is, a solution I found to take care of your skin, whether you are young or old, male or female, have skin disorders or have perfect skin.

I invite you to be skeptical but to keep an open mind.  You will soon know what the experts and researchers agree to be the basic, most important methods of skin care.  And, you will learn the latest methods to target problem areas.

Best wishes for great skin and a vital image.

Leah Ruiz, licensed esthetician, The Vital Image.



Our facial skin, which covers about 5 percent of our body, is the most important factor in SEX APPEAL! We define sex appeal in this context as our state of health, beauty, vitality and glow. This condition of our skin makes it desirable and pleasurable for people to want to interact with us--we call this approachable skin.

The many encounters that we have with people every day form the basis of our SELF-IMAGE. Our positive encounters are the most beneficial. We, therefore, should minimize as much as possible the negative encounters. Since skin health (our appearance) is so important to us as human beings then how important is it to achieve maximum health and vitality of our skin?

"The face is the focus of attention. The face is also the most immediate expression of a woman's beauty.  Everything seems to depend on the face," says Leslie Kenton, in her book, The Joy of Beauty.

The skin is our largest organ.  It is a wonder whose complexity is partially indicated by the fact that each square inch contains about 65 hairs, 100 sebaceous (oil) glands, 78 yards of nerves, 20 yards of blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, 9.5 million cells, 1,300 nerve endings, 19,500 sensory cells at the ends of nerve fibers, 80 cold detection nerve endings and 165 pressure sensors.

Our skin is a breathing organ, as are our lungs. It takes in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide. The skin does up to 5 percent or more of all breathing done by the body. This organ also functions as a kidney. The skin alone eliminates about 2 pints of water and salts each day.

Medical literature contains volumes of technical information on the skin. Our approach here is to discuss what the experts agree with regarding the health of skin and its beauty--How we can get it, keep it, or prevent it from being lost.

There has been an amazing breakthrough in skin care.  We’ll be sharing this new discovery with you in this report. If you are expecting a simple solution to the problems of such a complex organ that is constantly under attack by outside elements and from within, look no further, you just may have found it here.



The newest discoveries regarding superior skin care require us to re-establish our position on this subject. To be objective we must also:  

  • Define maximum health and beauty of skin as agreed by experts
  • Re-examine basic functions related to the health of skin
  • Identify common problems of the skin that exist today
  • Isolate the causes of skin problems that are most common, such as wrinkles, sagging, brown spots,  blemishes, etc.
  • Dispel myths of the "Dark Ages" regarding methods for taking care of skin
  • Examine major failures of the relationship between skin and personal-care products
  • Find out what is keeping your skin from looking absolutely fantastic and
  • Present solutions that give maximum health and beauty to all types of skin, including yours.



The libraries contain hundreds of books, magazine articles and reports written about taking care of the skin. We selected those writings as references if they met the criteria of being scientific in approach and if they were pertinent to the subject at hand, plus our practical 25 years' experience in skin care.

We thank those MD’s, Ph.D.s and other professionals involved in taking care of skin and whose research and results were verifiable and who contributed significantly to this study.



The question that we need to answer is: When is skin beautiful? The answer: When skin is moist, vibrant, free of blemishes and poisons, has tight pores and exhibits a refined texture.  Notice we said MOIST--NOT OILY. Dr. Nelson Lee Novick tells us in his book, Super Skin that "The water content of your skin is the most important determinant of skin texture."

Most experts also agree with Dr. Novick when he says "oil does nothing for your skin other than trap moisture.  What we need is plenty of water and a way to keep it in our skin without resorting to oils. Although certain oils have nutrients, the molecules are too big and therefore cannot penetrate skin cell walls."

The result?  Oils obstruct the living process of our pores and attract impurities that interfere with vital skin functions. Only when all the cells can be born, grow and regenerate in a watery, nutrified environment, can beautiful skin be achieved.



Regardless of your age, skin type, your sex, race or skin condition you probably belong to the majority who is in a "skin dilemma":


  • What type of skin do I have?
  • What routine should I follow?
  • Which products are best for me?
  • Will that special cream really remove my wrinkles, plump my skin, control my acne, lift sagging jowls and eyelids--make me look 10 years younger?
  • Must I spend a fortune and follow a complicated, time-consuming routine to get the rejuvenated and clearer skin I want?

Most experts do agree that we all require basically the same things to have the most healthy skin our body can produce. We all need to:

  1. Keep it clean so that it can breathe
  2. Keep plenty of moisture to have our skin looking young and healthy
  3. Feed the skin with the key nutrients that it requires to renovate itself repeatedly, as perfectly as possible
  4. Rid only the top layer of dead cells to promote rapid birth of new cells and

So what is the dilemma? We need to solve the following:


  • How we can clean our skin without stripping away its natural protection and without introducing chemicals that cause premature aging and other problems?
  • How and how often we must get rid of only the dulling, dead cells that lie on top of the skin and are blocking the fresh cells beneath; and,

The big dilemma!

  • How can we give our skin the nutrition that our bodies used to provide it in our childhood plus plenty of water?  And how can we retain these WITHOUT chemicals and other ingredients that clog our pores and poison our bodies?

Dr. Jonathan Zismor, the chief of dermatology at St. Vincent's Hospital says: "The one thing that can moisturize is water, and water alone. Retaining that water is critical to maintaining soft, smooth and supple skin."

Aging, many scientists argue, is a degenerative disease that is largely caused by nutrient and water deficiencies.  Skin aging is visible when these deficiencies exist at this organ's site.  The skin-care industry has been attempting to reverse this 'disease', yet it has strayed away from the root of the problem because companies have not found ways of getting water and nutrients into skin cells and keeping them there.

The Skin-Care Industry Evolution

Skin products have evolved over the last sixty years.  Old fashion soaps made the skin dry and stripped it of its acid mantle and vitality so creams and oils were marketed. Then we realized that creams actually reduced critical skin functions such as skin breathing and cell renewal.  No technology existed to bring nutrients into the cells to rejuvenate them.

Following came the first popular scientific exfoliant Retin-A. It increased cell turnover  by irritation, but it dried up skin and caused a host of other problems.  Liposomes emerged but have not delivered on their promises.

The next rage of the popular skin-care ingredients are the alpha hydroxy acids, the most effective one being glycolic acid. These acids work through irritation to remove the top layer of cells and force the skin to reproduce (heal) more rapidly. Younger cells rise to the surface prematurely. Italian research (Vevy Laboratories, 1995) shows that long term use of acids, even in low concentrations, may result in incomplete cell division which can cause long term skin damage.

What Experts today say about oils for the skin

Experts say that oil itself does nothing for the skin, other than trap water. Its coating nature can, however, clog pores and attract the dirt, debris and bacteria that cause blemishes. Nourishment in oils could not be broken down and used to feed the skin because oil could not be made water soluble, until now!

Since skin is 35% to 90% water it can't use creams and oils that are not water soluble. Oils, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, do not mix with water and are, therefore, a double edged sword. On the one hand oils and creams do trap some moisture that is already present in the skin. On the other hand, however, they asphyxiate skin by blocking the pores.

When we apply creams and oils of all types on our skin, even "natural" ones, we are preventing the skin from performing functions vital for its regeneration. These include breathing in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide and toxins (5% of the same function that the lungs and kidneys perform).

Our pores become enlarged partly when they fill up with oil and toxins and partly in an attempt to breathe while blocked. Enlarged pores subject the skin to infection. The complexion does not look refined and skin tends to sag.

Try this simple test:

Take a piece of cloth. Imagine that the holes between the material are the pores on your skin. What happens when the holes enlarge as you force objects into them that are larger than the original openings? Right, the cloth will sag.

Now, what will happen when you remove the objects from the holes? The cloth contracts, perhaps even back to its original shape. Your skin would react similarly.

Are the Experts reight regarding creams & Oils?

The double-edged sword exists but for one single exception. We will detail what, how and why this single exception can provide unparalleled guaranteed results to all types of skin.

As the good Dr. Rene Maurice Gattefosse proved in 1920, the substances in many flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, bushes, roots, seeds, leaves, stems and flower petals contain the nutritional and healing substances necessary for living beings. In their purest and most energetic form enhance health. 

The living plant extractions contain a complete nutrient profile plus phyto-chemicals: hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antibodies, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic and immune stimulating properties.

One key element found in both plant and human blood is Oxygen. Our Charged Organic Particles that are Submicroscopic, COPS for short, ingeniously transport oxygen, create and maintain an alkaline environment to augment the oxygen in the extracts contained in our products.  

The very high content of oxygen in their physical structure also reduces the surface tension of the skin.  This allows the now water soluble  plant oils to feed the skin. The COPS, therefore are the transporters of oxygen and nutrients through the cell wall and into that cell--just as it should ideally be performed by the body itself.



What are the signs of DRY, damaged and Aged Skin?

In this report, we combine the topics of dry, damaged, and aged skin because they have characteristics in common: The

  1. fine lines, wrinkles and blotches,
  2. ability of the skin to retain water inside is reduced so it becomes dry, increasingly sensitive and often irritated;
  3. surface of this type of skin is thin, flat and has lost its strength and flexibility;
  4. dead cells stay on the top layer longer so that the surface looks dull and flaky;
  5. collagen network gets hard and it breaks down with normal facial movement,
  6. breakdown of collagen results in sagging, lines and wrinkles,

What Causes Skin To Look "Old?"

"Old" looking skin can be caused by the natural aging process--reduced availability of quality and quantity of key nutrients and water. With time, the functions of the body and skin slow down. The digestive system does not have the enzymes to digest and thus provide the premium nutrition needed by skin cells. As skin dehydrates and cells weaken they then also have more difficulty absorbing and using available nutrients.

Dr. Edward Howell has pointed to numerous studies which show that at age 35 we have about one half the number of enzymes that we had at puberty. Therefore, certain functions either cease or do not get performed as completely. Thus, skin cells get weaker and they are not replaced as rapidly nor as fully as in our youth.

Other common factors that accelerate the aging of our facial skin include: Heredity, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, sun exposure, excessive element exposure, illness, poor diet, and the taking of drugs and medications, drinking too little water, too little exercise, too much exercise, taking poor care of the skin, poor sleeping habits, making exaggerated expressions, hormonal imbalance and repeated weight loss and gain. Dr. Nelson Lee Novick explains: "Your skin is tremendously affected by your lifestyle and by your habits. Good health equals a more beautiful skin."

As you review the factors presented above, ask yourself, which of these factors can you control?  Well, if you are honest with yourself, you will probably admit that YOU CAN CONTROL practically all of them!

Furthermore, through discipline in following some simple routines, you can also counteract the few aging factors you cannot directly control, such as the effects of the passing of time and your genetic predisposition. In fact, many experts agree that proper skin care can counteract, to a great degree, most of the factors listed.

How You Can Test for Aging Skin:

 Aged skin will often lack elasticity. To test your skin for elasticity take a small section of the facial skin between the thumb and forefinger and give the skin a slight outward pull.  Release the skin.  If elasticity is good the skin will immediately return to its normal shape.  If the skin is slow to resume its normal shape, it is because it is lacking in elasticity.

How to Test for Dry Skin:

See if your skin is dehydrated. With the knuckle of your index finger, gently touch your cheek and push up slightly. If you see fine crepey lines above your knuckle, your skin is lacking water.

Skin may have enough natural oil but it may still feel flaky. This condition is known as "dehydrated skin." Such skin will appear to be thin and is prone to fine lines and wrinkles.  Dry skin may also be "oil-dry" because it lacks sebum.  Sluggish sebaceous glands may be caused by the natural aging process of the body--the lack of nutrition available to the skin.

What Can We Say About Oily Skin? If you have oily skin you are lucky, if you know how to take care of it.  Oily skin will tend to show fewer lines and will tend to be thicker and you will have greater protection from the sun.

There are many reasons for excess oil in the skin.  Whether it be living in too warm a climate, following a poor diet, hormonal imbalance, experiencing too much stress; or whether we aggravate oily skin by using the wrong products, there is a way to reduce the excess production of oil to a balanced level.  When you super-clean and hydrate with an oil-stabilizing moisturizer that has the proper synergy of nutritional herbs you will keep your skin free of blemishes and it will look and feel fresh all day long. If you now have oil problems, you know that's a big promise!

The Problem of Acne

Deborah Chase, who is a medical researcher and author of best-selling books, feels that acne is the most common skin problem; "Acne is primarily caused by overactive oil glands." Too much stress and an inadequate diet can make acne worse.

Changes in hormone levels are a main culprit in the over-production of oil.  Oil attracts dirt, dirt attracts bacteria. The accumulation of these in the pores stimulate oil glands to secrete excess oil.  Too much oil promotes infection in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, and painful cysts--the immune system’s reaction to control intruders.

Many health-care practitioners acknowledge that most acne treatments are harsh, invasive and often disappoint the sufferer.  Some of the methods used can even be harmful to health.  Prescribing daily doses of antibiotics for common and cystic acne is a regular method that may control breakouts. However, it is now thought that antibiotics can depress the immune system. Many illnesses of today, such as Candida and Epstein Barr Virus are thought to be rooted in a weak immune system.

For acne, include a thorough but (1) Gentle cleansing routine that does not dehydrate the skin nor leave a residue. (2) Feed the skin with a natural selection of nutrients and enzymes it can use fully to fight infection and build skin health. and (3) Protect the skin from bacteria and pollutants in the environment. This works to calm the skin and discourage further breakouts.




Myth 1: Moisturizers add moisture to the skin--FALSE! Only water is moisture.  Since most moisturizers contain oil, they cannot add moisture.  They merely sit on top of your skin and trap whatever water is already present.  The result is a "shine" which gives the illusion of moisture, but which in effect serves to trap poisons and to suffocate this breathing organ.  This resulting oxygen starvation and trapping of poisons accelerate skin aging!  Even ‘natural’ products can damage your skin if they are not soluble in water.

Myth 2: The only way to RETAIN water in the skin is to apply oil to the surface--FALSE!  Although oils on the skin will trap water already present, what the skin needs is additional moisture and oxygen topically and to release carbon dioxide from within. Oils prevent this vital exchange of gasses.  Retain water by using herb-enriched purified water that penetrates deeply into the skin and promotes the vital exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Myth 3: Creams and moisturizers prevent wrinkles--FALSE and TRUE!--Cheryl Tiegs concurs in The Natural Way to Beauty. Dispel this myth easily by rubbing your favorite cream on a dried up prune.  What happens?  The prune stays wrinkled.  Now, soak the prune in water.  See how it becomes plump and smooth? Your skin will behave in the same way. You are much more likely to prevent and diminish wrinkles when you add water to your skin with a good liquid moisturizer than when you rub most creams on top of it.  There is one line of creams, however, that is water-soluble. It is also packed with the nutrition that helps skin reduce, eliminate, and or prevent wrinkles. Please read on to learn more on this topic.

Myth 4: Sagging skin is caused by flabby facial muscles--ONLY PARTIALLY TRUE! Flabby muscles are a minor factor when compared to the sagging caused by collagen and elastin breakdown. "Collagen breakdown is part of the aging process and is accelerated by over-exposure to the sun", agrees Debra Chase, medical researcher and author.  Adequate skin nutrition and hydration have shown to strengthen cells, which help skin be more fit and taut.

Myth 5: Sun Damage is permanent and irreversible--NOT NECESSARILY! Depending on the extent of the damage, if one adopts the right skin-care routines, including strictly avoiding the sun, one can actually rejuvenate the skin.  According to holistic esthetician and author Zia Wesley-Hosford, "Even badly damaged skin can enjoy improvement." Mother Earth contains its most powerful healing agents in its vegetation that can now be provided topically to the skin.

Myth 6: It is not possible to provide nutrition to skin topically--FALSE!  Skin, as has been said, is 35% to 90% water. We are all aware that oil and water do not mix, and that creams and lotions contain oils.  The latest breakthrough in technology makes large oil molecules water-soluble and predigests their valuable nutrients making them usable by the skin.

Myth 7: Oily or acne skin must be dried as much as possible--FALSE!  Over drying oily and acne skin does not correct the over-production of oil. It may even stimulate more oil production.  If you keep skin well hydrated, over-production of oil can be reduced to a more normal level.  A key to solving this problem is to keep the skin moist by providing nutrients, vitamins, minerals in a water soluble form that feeds the skin but does not feed the bacteria.

Myth 8: Skin-care products that are best are pH balanced to the skin--FALSE!  The healthiest skin also contains the highest degrees of oxygen.  Since 99% of all the products on the market contain chemicals and since these chemicals are not oxygen-rich (their pH is low) they tend to be acidy.  Most chemists do not know how to make alkaline, oxygenated products.  Read more to find out about products that will oxygenate your skin a minimum of 200 times more than pH balanced products.

Myth 9Once a wrinkle is formed or the skin begins to sag, the only reversal is through procedures such as facelifts laser surgery or dermabrasion--FALSE!  Lack of certain nutrients at the sight of the wrinkle or sag caused it to appear, and the re-introduction of these topically has resulted in surprising and exciting corrections.



Skin Is Skin. To a greater or lesser degree all types of skin require the same things:

Cleanliness, adequate elimination of toxins and oils, sloughing of dead cells, exercise, water, oxygen, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and amino acids. Follow these simple steps to maximize the benefits of your skin-care routine:

  1. Cleanse your skin deeply
  2. Remove additional soil, hardened oil and dirt that lie deep in the pores,
  3. Feed the skin
  4. Hydrate your skin deeply
  5. Do



For many, there will be a time in the future when, regardless of their age, sex, race, skin type or skin condition, they will be able to apply a simple routine for skin health and beauty that will NEVER LET THEM DOWN! This remarkable system will bring water, oxygen and the needed nutrients to the deep layers of skin. That will return their complexion to a state that is super moist and certainly free of blemishes, one that they will enjoy EVERYDAY!

None of these lucky people will ever again have to guess about how they should care for their skin. They will be thrilled at knowing that they are rejuvenating their skin every single day. Their system will allow their skin to function as intended, with maximum nutrition and with all the pores breathing freely.

Women will be so pleased with the appearance of their skin that they will no longer opt to use clogging make-up. The skin system of the future will be skin-care and cosmetic all in one. Men will enjoy this same simple system that promotes youthful and vital skin.

The experts are waiting for that day. "I believe we are now on the threshold of developing a whole new class of 'cosmeceutical' products that will be capable of affecting the structure and function of the skin," says Nelson Lee Novick, MD.

Well, with The Vital Image THE FUTURE IS NOW! Your SKIN RENEWAL PAC is here. Thanks to 30 years of bio-chemical and aerospace research here is an exclusive miracle that we guarantee far supercedes any treatment on the market today at any price! This system empowers you to:

  • Prevent & Correct aged-looking skin!
  • Diminish unwanted wrinkles, sagging & blotchy skin
  • Get incredible renewal (better than a peel and face lift) in 9 weeks
  • Plump, tone, tighten skin & normalize pore size
  • Give your skin smoother texture, slough off dry cells
  • Stop acne, dry, oily, irritated skin
  • Enjoy exceptional skin renewal hour after hour
  • Experience superb, cumulative results in just 90 seconds a day

Developed exclusively for those who demand the very best!

The Skin Renewal Pac--The War Against Aging

Now that we know the causes of older looking skin, let’s see how and why we guarantee 100% to empower you to generate the most healthy, beautiful skin that your body can generate.


You can have the best skin your body can make--GUARANTEED 100%!


Great skin is taut, moist, blemish free, of lively color, has a vibrant glow and is resilient. These factors that reflect health are achievable at any age!

The Skin Renewal Pac is Different

We call it Bio-Enhancing.  All Skin Renewal products have a unique element that creates an amazing synergy for cleansing, hydrating and feeding skin while freeing it from the damaged, hardened and dry surface.  This factor is actually billions of Charged Organic Particles that are Sub microscopic, ‘COPS’.

The Skin Renewal Complex, for example,  is packed with more than 80 skin enhancing herbs.  The COPS "digest", deliver the nutrients & accelerate electrical activity in the cells--as in young, vibrant, happy cells!

COPS transform oil molecules so that they become soluble in water. This is critical because since skin is 35% to 90% water it can now accept the nutrition since it is now in a compatible form.  It’s analogous to reducing particles the size of basketballs to the size of golf balls or smaller to fit in a drinking glass. 

While commercial creams are about 2% absorbed, up to 98% absorption is achieved with Renewal products.

COPS are Attractive, Aggressive, yet they are Gentle!


COPS fight grime. Tinier than molecules, they are in constant motion. Their magnetic forces attract, encircle and gently lift dead cells, dirt and grease from your skin and break them down. Thus, they leave nothing for dirt and bacteria to cling to and your skin can carry on its functions unobstructed.

COPS make it possible to super-feed skin. Until now skin has had to rely solely on a digestive system that began to lose its efficiency in our ‘teens’. The COPS "pre-digest" the nutrients of the more than 680 skin-enhancing plant extracts into molecules that are small enough to feed your skin.

COPS make all oils water-soluble. This is critical, since oils from other skin products or from your own skin do clog pores, attract dirt and bacteria and even cause skin to age and sag. Only when oils are broken down--made water-soluble can your skin extract benefits from their rich nutrients.

COPS make all oils water-soluble. This is critical, since oils from other skin products or from your own skin do clog pores, attract dirt and bacteria and even cause skin to age and sag. Only when oils are broken down--made water-soluble can your skin extract benefits from their rich nutrients.

What 30 Years of Research Can Do!

After 30 years of research, over 680 skin enhancing plants have been chosen by Ph.D. Chemists and MD’s for their proven powerful nutrients and enzymes.  We select only the highest quality herbs, all pesticide free and many are organically grown, to formulate each product according to a targeted desired result. We know that only the purest, freshest plants deliver optimum performance to your skin.

Only via the COPS can each meticulously designed skin formulation implode within the skin so that you can realize your "full young skin potential."

The Skin Renewal Complex, for example, is packed with more than 87 skin enhancing herbs that were carefully picked for their specific action on skin and for their synergistic interaction with the other herbs.

Our herbs are never heated to temperatures that exceed 118o F because higher heat destroys all enzyme activity. Where useful, the entire plant, including their seeds, which contain the most powerful nutrition on earth are used.

All of our ingredients are active and no fillers are used to reduce costs. Fillers would get in the way of the active ingredients' functions. Our objective is to create the best products on this planet!

We continue to keep our promise of creating the most pure (zero tolerance for contamination from petroleum, pesticides and other toxins) ethical (we tell the truth about our products), and high performance (they actually beautify the skin by feeding it!) skin care anywhere.

Here is an insight into our process: 

  1. Instruments measure the energy in the herbs


Old skin comes off and the new skin bursts forth, super-vitalized, each cell filled with the proper nutrients, hydrated, smooth, clear, and ready to fully carry out its functions beautifully. Daily use of the Skin Renewal Pac assures total nutrition for your skin. The result? Young looking, clear and attractive skin for you!

Why not Have the Best Skin Your Body can Possibly Make--GUARANTEED?

Our Skin Renewal Pac actually empowers you to generate the most healthy, beautiful skin possible. What your body can no longer provide, the Skin Renewal Pac delivers topically.

What's in the Skin Renewal Pac and How do You Use it?

Each product in your Skin Renewal Pac is scrupulously designed to carry out a specific function, triggered by the synergy created by the COPS--the force that super-activates the water, herbs, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that create great skin.

(Step 1) Face & Body Wash

For everyone who washes their skin. This natural blend: (1) Cleans the skin without drying, (2) leaves no residue, (3) has no detergents or dyes, (4) leaves the skin soft and supple, (5) is exceptional for all skin types.

(Step 2) Grime Fighter  

For men and women who require a super deep pore cleansing--and who doesn't?  It dissolves dirt, oil and make-up, including eye make-up, sets the pH--an extremely beneficial function, preparing your skin for absorption of the other Skin Renewal products. 

The Grime Fighter: (1) Dissolves oil, dirt, make-up, (2) clears pores of debris, (3) is totally non-greasy, (4) is very gentle to skin and non-irritating to eyes, (5) is alcohol free and (6) neutralizes chlorine and other environmental toxins that degrade and irritate skin.

(Step 3) Collagen Builder

When you want to reverse wrinkles, lines, loose jowls, recapture elasticity, volume, texture, color and glow NOW!--and who would not want all this?--RESULTS GUARANTEED!

Rebuild your fuller, younger look fast.  STOP, reverse and prevent tissue loss.  Tighten up jowls, eye area, lips, lip lines, neck and chest areas.  Add volume and elasticity to your skin which will result in a younger and more beautiful you.  Noticeable, visible results in 7 days, within 30 days people will begin to tell you, and in 90 days your mirror will reveal a much, much younger you!

Collagen Builder delivers nutrients essential to tissues to naturally rebuild, maintain and repair your own collagen that skin has lost due to free radical action, sub-clinical inflammation, chain reaction of free-radical damage, oxygen loss, cross-linking,  degeneration and micro scarring.

Collagen Builder  also refines pores and lightens brown age spots.  Please note that it contains NO collagen.  Rather, it contains all the nutrients that your skin needs to rebuild youth in a totally natural way--just a short wait to see your wonderful results.

Exceptional for every skin type--normal, problem,  women, men, mature, young, dry, oily.

(Step 4) PhytoHydrator

This perfect moisturizer delivers water and nutrients to the skin but does not obstruct the pores. The PhytoHydrator keeps skin looking and feeling moist even in the driest climate, adds elasticity, arrests wrinkles, gives it a more vital, attractive appearance.  This formulation is also excellent for sensitive skin, acne and rosecea and brown spots.

(Step 5) Skin Renewal Complex--Result of 30 years’ research

This scientific wonder of nature delivers you new skin in just 4 weeks! The 87 plus plant extracts and COPS fight wrinkles, excess oiliness, dryness and sun damage so you can win the war on aging!

  1. You will notice better color, texture and glow almost immediately, with weekly improvement
  2. Wrinkles and lines diminish
  3. Skin gains elasticity
  4. Your skin will be smoother and firmer
  5. Sun damage and spots fade

It’s so easy to use the Skin Renewal Pac.  Here's how to do it:

Use Skin Renewal Pac nights so you can rejuvenate while you sleep and whenever you wash your skin. Treat your face, neck and other areas that need renewal--chest, arms, legs, elbows and of course the hands. Even better, use it in the a.m. to protect and maintain during the day; under make-up, if you wear it.


Face & Body Wash--

Grime Fighter--

  1. Use after the Face & Body Wash
  2. Saturate a cotton pad with Grime Fighter
  3. Wipe away make-up and dirt, or if skin is already clean, pat in generously to prep skin

Collagen Builder--

  1. Shake bottle 
  2. Apply thin coat to entire area
  3. Massage gently and thoroughly

PhytoHydrator --

  1. Sprits face or dispense small amount of Phyto Hydrator in your clean palm

Use the PhytoHydrator alone between washings if you feel the need for extra moisture--essential for air travel.

Skin Renewal Complex--

  1. Apply each time you wash your face

Ingredients in the Skin Renewal Products:

Here are some of the ingredients contained in our Skin Renewal PacCharged Organic Particles, purified, charged water and over 200 pure plant extracts, including: aloe vera, rosemary, horsetail, rose, walnut, witch hazel, cucumber, pure vegetable glycerin, avocado, flax oil, prune, apple, carrot, almond, raw cider vinegar, olive, beet, hibiscus, bee pollen. . . All products are concentrated with active ingredients, are biodegradable, pro-ecology, food grade, and never tested on animals. They contain NO solvents NO petroleum ingredients, NO chemicals--they are so pure you can eat them!

Women & Men Who Choose Skin Renewal Pac:

Instantly at using your Skin Renewal Complex, my skin looked tighter and the color improved. It took on a glow I’ve never had and I am thrilled with all the Renewal products! Dagmar S., Hollywood, CA.

Not only are my age spots fading, I swear my wrinkles are going away-- even my eye area is looking great. That Collagen Builderis incredible.  I can’t believe how it accelerated my skin-rejuvenation cycle, of course I'm only 80 years young, now. Thank you. June H., Palmdale, CA.

I really had leathery, blotchy skin from many years of being in the sun, gardening and playing golf. Your Skin Renewal method has reversed the damage, and my, I’ve gotten superb results with the Skin Renewal Complex, Collagen Builder and your other products. Laurence F., Encino, CA.

The best part is that the routine is so quick to do and I’m not constantly fighting acne anymore. It’s great! Daniel C., NY.

I’ve had dry skin forever. Now my skin feels moist all the time. People are asking me what I am doing and I'm glad to tell them about your new products! Rich W., Las Vegas NV.

Having played beach sports all my life, my body and face skin really took a beating. Now in my mid-forties after using the Renewal stuff my skin feels terrific and friends say I look like I’m in my thirties. One of my buddies said to me "Hey Tony, your skin is out of your league!" Anthony B., Santa Barbara, CA.

I hadn't seen these three sisters for more than 40 years.  All three of them recognized me when we saw each other at our class reunion.  I'm sure you'll have three new customers here.  They could not stop talking about how great my skin looked.  I think the Collagen Builder is one of the key products that brought on this incredible rejuvenation.  Irene T. El Segundo, CA.

Other Enhancers for Your Vital Image

Of course, what makes these "Enhancers" perform is the COPS, which are in all our products. 

Waterless Cleanser for all who wish to rid their skin of all dirt and or makeup--a show biz favorite.

Hair Enhancing Products--Renewal Shampoo and Hair Therapy Conditioner & Hair Fixer--Helps every scalp reduce hair loss and maintains scalp clean and healthy, leaving hair shiny and manageable.

Natural Balance--Powerful, all natural progesterone face and body cream formulated according to Harvard University trained Dr. John R. Lee MD's recommendations to re-balance the toxic effects of estrogen dominance. It's great for the skin, great for your body! Natural Balance offers 6 unique advantages:  it's all natural, has NO solvents, chemical free highest absorption available because of our unique COPS, used on body, face, private parts, etc., benefits women and men, great for problem skin!

Sun Shield Moisturizer--protects skin from the sun and rejuvenates 7 different ways--don't leave home without it

Clay Masque--Gives skin a boost--it refines, deep cleanses pores.

For complete line of products please see "Product Information"

How You can get a Skin Renewal Pac

The silence has been broken, the secret is out--The Vital Image products follow the patterns observed in the natural functioning of the skin--Used and recommended by naturopathic physicians and health practitioners who demand petroleum free, pesticide free and solvent free ingredients that work. Our products are highly concentrated, contain no fillers, or chemicals. Therefore, you use a very small amount of product to give you huge results.

Skin Renewal Pac is unique because it empowers you to accelerate the youthification of your skin in the privacy of your own home.  But don't wait, get your Skin Renewal Pac now! We guarantee your total satisfaction or you get 100% of your money back!

Get amazing results that redefine skin radiance in just 4 weeks and enjoy lifelong great skin without any side effects! Experience incredible improvement of your skin now.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results you get, simply return the remainder of your product. We will refund 100% of your money.  We are so confident you will simply love your Skin Renewal Pac, that you have no time limit to our guarantee! Does any one else offer such a guarantee?  Of course not. We do because we know you’ll love having smooth, clear and glowing skin!

How much do these products cost? The Vital Image products are surprisingly affordable.  Here's why: We put our money in the products so you don’t pay for expensive packaging or expensive advertising. Therefore, the products are an excellent value--they perform!

Please see or call us for the order form to get the magic formula that will make your skin beautiful and healthy. Save with our introductory offer: The Skin-Renewal Pac is everything you need to take total care of your skin at home. 


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