About Us

Leah Ruiz a licensed Aesthetician and German Ruiz formed the The Vital Image in 1986 and actively manages the company.  Our products are custom made by medical, chemical and botanical scientists in a state-of-the-art laboratory using only natural ingredients – 100% natural food-grade

The Vital Image
4415 Alla Road, Unit 1
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Email us: info@thevitalimage.com 
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Our Mission:

The Vital Image uses the latest methods to make and share the purest and most rejuvenating products in the world with our most important people in the world--our customers, family and friends.
Our selection of plants, the purity of our nature-friendly extracts and our in-house, unique Charged Organic Particles that are Submicroscopic (COPS) give us powerful blends that give you maximum health and beauty. 
You can pay more, you can pay less but you can't get better than The Vital Image products.  We guarantee it!