1. Who should useThe Vital Image products?

Any person of any age with any skin type of any color who has perfect, or imperfect skin. 

However, our customers know that only 100% natural, organic, scientifically selected and formulated plant ingredients will let the body produce maximum beauty and skin health.

Also, our customers know, to never use products that contain chemicals, solvents, including petroleum ingredients because these degenerate and prematurely age and negatively compromise skin health and beauty.  

2. Why do TVI products benefit my skin?

Our skin is an organ, as are our lungs, kidneys, etc.  and organs are living tissues.  Therefore, live matter must be fed nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.

If we want  our skin transformed to maximum health and beauty feed it natural, specifically designed nutrient formulations to build, repair and maintain it. 

3. How are TVI products different?

Here is why our products are used, approved, prescribed and recommended by naturopathic physicians and holistic practitioners.   After you read the enclosed information you will see what sets The Vital Image products apart from any other.

Let's give you an insight into our process:

(1) With our M.D., Ph.D. chemists select the purest, most potent organically grown herbs for skin, empowered by our unique COPS

(2) Instruments measure the energy in the whole herbs

(3) The extraction process then starts. This step may take from months to years, depending on the herbs.  When the extracts are brimming with nutrients we continue with the

(4) Charging, formulation and blending of The Vital Image products. This process may begin when the energy field measurements are the same as that of the whole herb.

(5) Each charged blend is then joined with the key factor that makes effective skin rejuvenation possible --the Charged OrganicParticles that are Sub-microscopic (COPS). COPS break down the nutrients in our hundreds of plant extracts into particles that your skin cells can absorb and use as nutrition. COPS also oxygenate, set the pH and keep our products in a pro-biotic (charged, alive) environment so that each ingredient is optimally activated to enhance the skin.

The COPS also eliminate any need for chemicals (emulsifiers, solvents, petroleums, detergents, and preservatives). Thus, you get chemical-free, cruelty-free, food grade, plant based, nutrient replete food--the cornerstones to healthier, clearer, firmer, more radiant and younger looking skin.  

4. Are TVI products food grade?

Absolutely YES!  Our research indicates that if you cannot eat a product that you should also not put it on your skin.  Live organs need live nutrition, as in our products, to glow in vitality, health & beauty. 

5. How do I select a personal care product to buy?

Read the ingredients on labels.  Never buy any product with mineral oil, natural fragrance, PPG-12 (or any number), dyes, propolyne xxx, Propyl xxx--in short any product that contains ingredients that are not made from living plants.  

6. Why do other products contain chemicals?

Let's face it, synthetic chemicals are made in several thousand gallon containers usually at costs of pennies per gallon.  These are combined with water and if labeled "natural" may contain a small amounts (less than 10%) of nutrients.   They are then seductively packaged to sell the consumer who will usually select a product based on packaging or brand name rather than on the quality and performance of its contents.   Packaging and marketing usually costs several times the cost of their ingredients.

The Vital Image only has our unique Charged Organic Particles which eliminate the need for chemicals.   

7. Which ingredients must we avoid in products?

Never buy any product that contain mineral oil, natural fragrance, PPG-12 or any number, dyes propolyne ???, Propyl ???, methyl ???.  Never buy any product that contains ingredients that are not made from living plants.  Non-living products are toxic.

8. How do I compare The VitaI Image products to Department Store ones?

Skin is really living cells that require nutrition and oxygen to perform their metabolic functions, as opposed to chemicals, oils, petroleums (mineral oil) solvents, preservatives, etc.

Therefore, no matter how much you pay, if you apply products that do not provide nutrition, then you will, at the very least, exhaust and prematurely age your skin.  At worst, your body will absorb these non-nutritious substances, will toxify it and potentially cause other problems.  Mineral oils and solvents work best in your car, not in or on your body.

TVI products, on the other hand, are botanical.  Usually, each 100 lbs. of herbs yield us about 1 lb. of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to make our products.

9. Are TVI products pH balanced to my skin?

NO.  The pH of most people's skin is about 5.6. (neutral pH is 7.0).  Therefore any product that is pH balanced to your skin is basically acidy and will actually "steal" oxygen from your skin--not a good idea.  Younger, healthier skin characteristically is of a higher pH than older, less healthy looking skin.

TVI products, on the other hand, are high in oxygen, are healthfully charged, made of totally natural herbals and are, therefore, alkaline, with pH measuring often above 8. 

10. Does my 'old' soap or cream work with TVI products?

Test this yourself:  If your soap has no chemicals, has a pH 7.0+ and if it leaves no residue, than it may be OK.  Our Face & Body Wash was designed to work best with our Vital Image products.

Few, if any products on the market, at any price, even comes close to being a skin nutrient.  Chemicals (non-foods), in fact, prematurely age skin and counter act the results of natural ingredients. 

11. How is the Face & Body Wash different from soap?

Soap, because it contains many acidic chemicals, typically has a low pH.  The result is that soaps and cleansers with a low pH leave a residue, rob the skin of oxygen, dry the area and weaken the skin.

The Face & Body Wash, on the other hand, is made from herbs, rids the skin of dirt and bacteria and does not leave a residue.   Further, it is gentle, does not dry and leaves skin oxygenated, ready to accept other The Vital Image nutritious formulations.  

12. Are glycolic acids beneficial to my skin?

There are many companies that market products containing varying concentrations of these "natural" acids.  Through their burning action, they exfoliate skin and give it an immediate fresh look.  However, acids as are fires, are not intelligent, and thus would both burn a valuable painting or garbage--dead or living skin cells.

Research and our own experience shows that continued use of acids is definitely not advisable and that skin tends to flatten out and lose precious collagen that is key to young, healthy, beautiful skin.  Acids rob skin of oxygen and offer it no nutrition. Under certain controlled circumstances, the Glycolic Refining Lotion, however, may be applied to stimulate controlled stimulation, since the COPS oxygenate and protect living skin cells.  Just make sure you follow up this infrequent use of Refining Lotion with Collagen Builder and/or other Complexes and Skin Renewal products.  

13. Can I reverse, improve, maintain sun-damaged skin?

YES!  Relief is in sight.  Stress is the ultimate degenerator of skin--the depletion of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oxygen beyond what the organ needs for repair and maintenance.  Damaged skin, is in this stressed condition.

The Vital Image products, by design, contain the nutrients to beautify skin far beyond what your body alone would be able to achieve.   Customers of SunShield Moisturizer, Collagen Builder, Pot of Gold Night Repair, Cleopatra's Dream and Wow! Oilreport glowing visible quick results.   

14. What can I do to control oily skin?

The young wish their skin would not be too oily, but as we mature we are grateful for having had the protection from wrinkling that our oil affords us.  Oily skin, however, often evolves into problem skin. The ideal is to maintain oiliness under control. The Skin Oil Balancer Powder absorbs the extra oils in the pores.  This greatly reduces the oily look and counteracts infections that could turn into problem skin.  

15. How can I treat and prevent having dry skin?

Dry skin comes in two forms:  Oily skin that is dry and dry skin that under-produces oil.   Remember, moisture is in the presence of water, not of oil.  The PhytoHydrator was designed to attract water from the air and to keep it on your skin.  Those with normal to dry skin do very well with this product.  Those who are super dry may add a drop or two of the Lipid Complex to address their condition.  

16. What is aged or "mature" skin?

As the years pass, for most of us 

  1. the body becomes more acidy, which results in a reduced amount of oxygen (for each .1 pH reduction the result is about a ten fold reduction in oxygen!)  
  2. stress reduces the repair and maintenance capabilities of our cells
  3. increases the depletion of our skin enzyme banks
  4. proper regeneration is less effective, depending on digestive and skin enzymes depleted. 
  5. different signs of aged or mature skin--thinner, less resilient, dryer, slower to reproduce, less glowing appear.  

17. Why do wrinkles appear and how can I make them disappear?

Many reasons for wrinkles to appear have been identified by experts, including: dehydration, environment, improper skin care, diminished metabolic activity, smoking, alcohol consumption,  poor diet, and the taking of drugs and medications, drinking too little water, too little exercise, too much exercise, poor sleeping habits, making exaggerated expressions, hormonal imbalance and repeated weight loss and gain. 

The good news is that as we review the above factors one could honestly say that YOU CAN CONTROL practically all of them!

With discipline in following some simple routines, you can also counteract the few aging factors you cannot directly control, such as the effects of the passing of time and your genetic predisposition. In fact, many experts agree that proper skin care can counteract, to a great degree, most of the factors listed.

We begin aging since birth and you can see for yourself: Look at your or someone you knew as a baby and look at their skin.  See how plump and thick it is at that time?  Look at that same person's skin at 10 years, 15, 20, 30, 40, etc.  You will notice that even at 10 years the reduction in the thickness of the skin is quite significant from babyhood.

Here is what is believed happen for most of us:  Doctors tell us that as a byproduct of all metabolic processes the body constantly creates acids.  In addition to all of the above culprits, these acids, the most common one to the skin being arachedonic acid, by their nature are lacking in oxygen, our most essential single element required for metabolism.  

These outcasts are imbalanced and their nature is to steal oxygen (oxidizing action) from living tissues--collagen and elastin.  Let's think of collagen as pillow-like material that makes our skin plump, and elastin as rubber bands that make our skin resilient.  As the acids builds up, the chain reaction is stepped up and the negative process is accelerated.

The first part of the good news is that Collagen Builder contains an army antioxidants that neutralize the action of the outcasts.  Now, your skin can still make its own collagen and it can keep it because it won't be destroyed before it gets to its designated place. 

The second part of the story is that Collagen Builder also contains vitamin C and MSM, the two most common- ingredients your skin uses to manufacture collagen.  The COPS in Collagen Builder deliver the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants strategically to protect and help build the collagen your body builds.

Thirdly, it's easy, all you have is to apply Collagen Builder immediately after your cleansing routine, and we'll do the rest.  In just a few days you will be delighted with the progress your skin is making.  After a couple of months, the boost in your self image will be monumental, after all of those around you tell you how much younger you look.   

18. Is it possible to control Acne?

Yes.  Where there is acne there are an accumulations of oil, grime and bacteria--toxins.  The pH of the area is also acidy--there is an oxygen deficiency.   Part of the cause of the problem is external, part comes from within the body.

Once we understand the sources of the problem we can begin to deal with them and therefore, can hope for success in controlling acne. 

To eliminate dirt and grime we could wash more often with the Face & Body Wash or the Oily Skin Cleanser and or the Waterless Cleanser and or Grime Fighter. These are the first steps in reducing bacterial growth because the pH of skin will rise and oxygenation will improve. This makes it increasingly difficult for bacteria to do damage.

The Skin Oxygenator applied 2 to 3 times a day will additionally maintain skin alkaline and keep bacteria away.  Next, apply the Skin Oil Balancer powder to keep oil that accumulates from clogging pores.  Often, the Glycolic Refining Lotion used a couple of times a week is enough to rid the skin of dead cells and debris attached to them that could interfere with a clean environment. 

Then, applications of Collagen Builder and Cherry Yam or other complex to give skin nutrition and strength to combat infections.

Since acne problems may be caused by the body's detoxification, one can help by reducing acid forming foods and increasing the intake of alkalizing foods--Eat less red meats, soft drinks, coffee, sugars and processed foods and more plant foods and high quantities of water.    

19. Can my skin actually and visibly rejuvenate?

Yes!  This is the best part.  Thousands of people prove every day that when they replace poor eating habits with nutritious, controlled portions of food, a reasonable exercise program and adequate rest, they feel more energetic, feel better and look better. 

Similarly, thousands of people every day use The Vital Image products to give their skin the nutrition, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and exercise that it needs.  It is stunning how their skin takes on a beautiful luster, it reproduces more often and more completely so that it looks fresher, tissues tighten and a healthy youthful pink tone overcomes the treated areas.   

20. Is it important to oxygenate my skin?

Yes, it's critically important.  Two of the most important factors of all life on planet earth are: Sun light (photo energy) and oxygen.  The sun provides us with energy directly and indirectly  through the foods (photosynthesis) that we eat.   As we require 23 parts of oxygen to 1 part of each nutrient to release energy for every metabolic processes,  a deficiency in either produces less than optimum biological activity.

Conclusion?  Let's pay attention to giving our skin what it needs to keep it beautiful.  Only use products that are alkaline--a pH 7+ that is achieved by high oxygenation not chemicals.  Only use a cleanser, lotion or cream that has a pH greater than 7 because only these can provide youthefying oxygenation to the skin.   

21. What is pH and how does it apply to skin?

pH stands for potential of hydrogen.  Every 1/10th increase in pH brings about a 10 times increase in oxygen.  While most products attempt to balance to the pH of skin (5.2 to 5.6) TVI products which are highly oxygenated and near-perfectly charged have a pH of between 7 to 8.5, or doing the math, are hundreds to thousands of times more oxygenated than others.  No wonder The Vital Image users have such beautiful skin. 

22. What are COPS, and what do they do for skin?

Each blend of botanicals is joined with the key factor that makes effective skin rejuvenation possible --Charged Organic Particles that are Sub-microscopic (COPS). COPS break down the nutrients in our hundreds of plant extracts into particles that our skin cells can absorb and use as nutrition. Also, they oxygenate, set the pH and keep the elements in a pro-biotic environment (alive) so that each ingredient is atomically prepared to enhance the skin.

The COPS also eliminate any need for chemicals (emulsifiers, detergents, and preservatives). Thus, you get chemical-free, cruelty-free, food grade, plant based, nutrient replete food--the cornerstones to healthier, clearer, firmer, more radiant and younger looking skin.  

23. Why is the field around TVI products so important?

TVI products are uniquely charged with a measurable magnetic field that is activated by the incredible COPS that emulsify, preserve and activate our botanical blends without the need for chemicals.  The plant blends themselves are super activated so that their nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and minerals are totally absorbed and their full power is imploded into the cells in a highly oxygenated environment. 

24. How important is diet with regards to skin health?

Scientific examination of living tissues and cells clearly indicates that what we eat is manufactured by our body factory to build, maintain and repair itself.  The old adage "we are what we eat", then, can be scientifically proven.

An automobile whose engine requires premium fuel will lose power and in time wear out prematurely, so will our bodies, age more quickly and lose energy if fed of a nutrient deficient diet.

Unlike the car, each cell of every organ is an engine that requires nutrition--quality carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and oxygen in the proper proportions.  Like the auto engine, however, when we ingest food which is lacking in nutrition our organs and tissues,  including our skin degenerates.  Yes, nutritious food makes for more beautiful, healthy skin.

The American diet is largely inclusive of acid forming foods--high protein, processed starches and is deficient in fruits and vegetables. The longer we have been on the American diet and/or the older we are the more acid we become. So, the bottom line is: Fresh vegetables alkalize, animal products and processed starches create acids that reduce our oxygen content--go for the vegetables!  

25. Why is it important to care for my skin at night?

Cleansing and properly feeding the skin before sleeping allows it to use nutrients during its rejuvenating cycle.  Most of us

Following a care program in the morning allows your skin protection and energy to confront challenges of the day.  

26. What is exfoliation, do I need it? How often?

Exfoliation is the removing of dead cells from the surface of the skin. Deeper exfoliation is accomplished by acids, enzymes and abrasion.  Excessive exfoliation may not be necessary, or may even be harmful when cells that are not ready to be exfoliated are removed from the surface.  

A simple, safe way to exfoliate is to combine a tsp. of sugar with the Face & Body Wash--see under Secrets of the Experts.  You may also consult on the controlled use of Glycolic Refining Lotion and its essential follow up described above. 

27. Is it OK to apply more than one cream at one time?

Each cream has ingredients (nutrients) that are different from each other cream.   Your skin, as does any organ, benefits synergistically from a variety of nutrients.  For example, 500 international units of  vitamin E available from two or more ingredients would be better used by the cells than the same 500 IU of that same vitamin derived from a single source.  Use more than one TVIcream to have your skin thrive even more from even better nutrition. \

28. Is there such a thing as a "healthy tan?"

Experts agree that the sun damages skin and that the darker the tan and the longer it is maintained the more the premature the aging.  A conservative approach to sunning may be best. 

The best alternative for those of us who love to be outdoors is to use the best sun protection available.  Sunshield Moisturizer comes to the rescue here.  Repeated applications under harsher sun exposure will ensure that you protect your skin in not one but seven different ways.  There is no drawback to this approach.  

29. Why do TVI products sometimes vary in fragrance or color?

Have you ever picked two oranges from the same branch of the same tree?   You may notice that one may be bigger, while the other may be more ripe and they certainly they don't taste exactly the same.  That's what you get from nature.   

Because we use only natural botanicals  our blends may differ slightly from batch to batch, so even if you the proportions remain constant, your product may be slightly different from time to time.  The "fragrance", if any, however, only comes from the ingredients--we never add fragrance to products!

A second reason that your same products may be a little different from time to time is that we are continually improving them.  For example:  the Phyto Hydrator while it was a wonderful product for those with dry and even oily skin, we found that about 1 in 4 of those with acne could experience clogging of the pores after a while.  

Knowing the wonderful resulting effects from the ingredient plants we opted to extracting only certain phyto chemicals from these same plants,

On the other hand, chemicals are made in several thousand gallon containers according to very specific formulas.  Therefore, they will always be the same.   So, even when several chemicals are blended together they will look virtually the same every time.  Go for natural, expect a little change and improvement! 

30. Is the wearing of makeup aging my skin?

Make-up chemicals get into the pores and at the very least keep skin from breathing properly.  Add a little stress and  your skin would experience a similar effect as when one runs with one nostril plugged and the mouth closed--not enough oxygen getting in. 

If you wear makeup, take it off as soon as you get home, and definitely, never go to bed without first cleaning your skin. Give your skin every chance to rejuvenate while you sleep.