Make the Pillow Your Anti-aging Ally!

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Check out how your pillow can help with get and or keep a younger, more vibrant appearance.


Soft Power

Make your Pillow an Anti-aging Ally!

          • Reduce wrinkles
          • Improve posture
          • Enhance oxygen intake

    Good to Know

    Your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself between midnight and 4:00 am. A simple sleep position discourages wrinkles and high quality, effective night-time skin care can, at the very least slow down the signs of aging; best case, take years off your appearance!


    Your “standard” Pillow Can Help


    To snuff out a key culprit of premature wrinkling and aging simply slide the pillow about 4 inches under your shoulders and sleep on your back.

    Notice: You feel lighter. Your chin is slightly tilted up achieving the “face-lift” position to relax and tone facial muscles thus remarkably reducing wrinkles while you sleep.

    Your chest is more open with the breastbone slightly raised. This passive alignment of the head, neck and chest encourages:

    • A more youthful, lifted posture—elegant carriage of your head, neck and shoulders

    • Ease of breathing launching oxygen uptake--key to energy

    • Your skin care rejuvenators to stay on-the-job--on your face, not on the pillow

    • You and others observe, notice or say that you “look great, relaxed, younger. . . .

    Tip for side sleepers: Fold the end of the pillow under your ear also supporting your neck.



    Try these easy restful face saving tips and let us know how you do!

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