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Skin Oil Balancer Powder

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Skin Oil Balancer Powder
Skin Oil Balancer Powder  -  Controls annoying shine caused by over-production of oil.
Skin Oil Balancer Powder, ½ oz.  Controls annoying shine caused by over-production of oil.

Skin Oil Balancer Powder--is no small miracle, specially for those with oily skin.


  • Absorbs excessive oil, yet,
  • Seals in moisture, Allows the skin to breathe and expel poisons,
  • Keeps pores tight,
  • Protects your skin from pollution and
  • Keeps you looking young and always fresh--especially helpful for acne, oily and problem skin.
  • Controls annoying shine caused by over-production of oil.
  • Although intended for the health of your skin, Skin Oil Balancer Powder is the finishing touch that keeps you looking well groomed all day.
  • Ladies: Keep your eye-makeup in place.
  • The Skin Oil Balancer Powder makes an excellent base for eye shadow, liner and mascara.
  • After you do your eye makeup, dust some more Skin Oil Balancer Powder on top to set it for the day.
  • Control That Annoying Shine by reapplying as needed during the day.
  • Women, carry a compact with Skin Oil Balancer Powder and a sterile cotton ball.
  • Men, use a small zip-lock bag with "Balancer" and a sterile cotton ball. Store it in your pocket or briefcase.
  • Clear-Up Blemishes . . .more quickly by applying Skin Oil Balancer Powder liberally at night to absorb excess oil and to encourage the expelling of toxins that cause breakouts. This helps prevent infection and its spreading.
  • If you have very oily skin: Blot with a tissue, reapply Balancer during the day.
  • Combination Skin & "T-Zone" Partly dry and partly oily skin are a dilemma that is easily handled with The Vital Image formulations, check for solutions under Your Skin Type.

Use each item separately as follows:

  1. Wash your face with Face & Body Wash
  2. Apply Grime Fighter
  3. Spray PhytoHydrator on the dry areas
  4. Apply Renewal Complex over your face and neck
  5. Apply Skin Oil Balancer Powder all over, use finger tips or cotton, patting an extra amount on oily and broken-out areas,
  6. Especially at night and during the day, apply Skin Oil Balancer Powder to oily areas, as needed.
Do You Feel Pale... after putting on your Skin Oil Balancer Powder?
  • Remember to pat it on with a cotton ball, NEVER RUB! Rubbing gives a pasty appearance.
  • Pressing in and dusting off with a fluffy cotton ball gives a nice matte finish without looking pale.
  • Or if you are applying it with your fingers rub it gently into your skin until the powder disappears.
  • Experiment to test which method works best for you.
  • For a Dewy Look Moisten your palms with a drop of PhytoHydrator and gently press them to your face after applying your blush and Skin Oil Balancer Powder.
  • Or use light application of Phyto Hydrator.
SPECIAL GUIDE FOR PROBLEM SKIN, Acne & oily skins have special needs. The following will help you clear your skin and control excess oil.
  • Do this routine morning and evening.
  • Face & Body Wash or Oily Skin Cleanser: Wash your skin, rinse and pat dry
  • Grime Fighter  Use to neutralize potentially irritating toxins such as chlorine and to deep cleanse pores and set the pH
  • Skin Oxygenator: Saturate a small piece of cotton and run it over the entire face (affected area) wetting it completely.
  • Allow it to dry
  • Pot of Gold:Night Repair: Smooth a dab over your entire skin
  • Skin Oil Balancer: Superb product does many jobs. It seals in water (very important for problem skin), absorbs excess oil, keeps pollution and bacteria off of the skin and aids in preventing infection from spreading.
Skin Oil Balancer keeps the pores open and breathing in the essential oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide and other waste materials--all types of skin benefit from Balancer--a favorite for all skin types during hot weather.
  • If your skin is not too irritated, wash with sugar 2 to 3 times a week. See "Secrets of the Experts".
  • The 2 MUSTS for problem skin are: Skin Oxygenator & Skin Oil Balancer Powder. 
  • Excellent for nourishment are: C Serum, Pot of Gold, Collagen Builder and Renewal Complex.
  • Do: Become a fanatic about doing your routine--Don't: Touch your face unless caring for it. Touching worsens breakouts, spreads infection.

HOW TO USE Oil Balancer is simple:  some extra tips from The Experts

  • Use it morning and night
  • Dispense a small pile in the palm of your hand. Work a sterile cotton ball around your hand to absorb the powder,
  • Then Press into your skin, paying special attention to breakouts and oily areas
  • If you get oily during the day, blot your skin with a tissue and reapply Balancer frequent washing is O.K. for the first couple of weeks, but not after that.
  • Just wash morning and evening.
  • During the day, blot and reapply your Balancer
  • With this method you are re-educating your skin to be calm, not to break-out and not to over-produce oil
  • DIET: Problem skin does not tolerate grains, sugars, including too much fruit. Avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages; drink plenty of water instead. Avoid most oily and greasy foods; eat natural food. 
  • Drink about 1 ounce of water for each 1/2 lb. of weight. Good way to determine water intake:  If you pea clear, no need to drink, if pee is yellow you may be dehydrated, drink.
  • Many find that taking acidophilus creates a healthy intestinal track and helps to keep toxins from coming out on the skin.
  • Give us a call if you need any help!

Contains: Calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, COPS.

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