Sea Breeze Deodorant, 2 oz.

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Sea Breeze, 2 oz. 
Organic Body freshener, deodorant, aluminum free


Sea Breeze is the natural body deodorant, room freshener, non-toxic, rids area of bacteria and re-arranges air-hanging unpleasant smells.

It was about 100 degrees as we were crowded in line waiting to get in to the tennis stadium. Some spectators had beads of perspiration running down their faces, but what really got our attention were the following:

  • Some people had probably been wearing no deodorant--or one that wasn't working and
  • Others had synthetic, intoxicating perfumes and fragrances.
  • Also, perspiration was not limited to the underarms, so that many uncontrolled odors would come from perspiration in different parts of the body.

When we got home I picked up my deodorant and started reading the ingredients:

  • "Do not apply to broken skin.
  • If a rash develops, discontinue use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

This rather upset me because that meant that the manufacturer knew that the product could be dangerous if it perforated the skin and continued into the bloodstream.

Well, I got even more upset because I knew that whatever sticks on skin will go into the bloodstream. Reading on I found out why the warnings by the manufacturer.

Almost every chemical in it was toxic--propylene glycol, water, fragrance, triclosan, stearyl alcohol, FD&C blue No. 1, FD&C yellow No. 5. . .

Put any of these chemicals in a fish tank or a weed and you will end their lives. I went to the health-food store, looked at the deodorants, and to the drug store and saw little difference between the "natural" and popular brands.

Luckily, our research and testing allowed us to compose natural ingredients that would substitute for these toxic chemicals to get the stinky job done.

These chemicals coming in contact with our skin not only go into the bloodstream but under the arms is a warm, moist environment--bacteria just loves it. Right there, too, are large, vulnerable lymph glands that pump those chemicals throughout the body compromising the immune system.

But, relax; that's how Sea Breeze Body Freshener was born--Our organic deodorant is so much more!

  • Our Sea Breeze is 100% natural. It has no synthetic chemicals, fragrances, solvents--you can even drink it or give it to your plants without harm.
  • Besides using for underarms, Sea Breeze is great for feet and other skin--even safe to use around babies, or just for a refresher to cheer you up!
  • Undesirable smells are simply biodegraded away, leaving a fresh, breezy aroma.
  • Bacteria, acids and de-oxygenated toxins that the skin excretes can make us project unwanted smells to those around us. Sea Breeze can deodorize these, deactivate the anaerobic bacteria so that we can be confident of not broadcasting the wrong messages; if you get my drift.

Contains Charged Organic Particles (COPS), rice extract, barley, rice, apricot kernel oil, jasmine, rosemary oil, water, lemon grass.