Renewal Shampoo, 8 oz.

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Renewal Shampoo
Thoroughly clean your hair and scalp, and enjoy beautiful, healthy, manageable, shiny hair.  

The Vital Image Renewal Shampoo gives you the lustrous hair you’ve always wanted by: 

  • Cleaning and moisturizing your hair and scalp, leaving NO residue
  • Stimulating your scalp to grow thicker, healthier hair
  • Smoothing your cuticles for silky manageable hair

Naturopathic Physicians & Holistic Practitioners use our Renewal Shampoo for maximum scalp health because our Charged Organic Particles (COPS) are the  natural force that can deliver oxygen topically to the scalp, which increases circulation.

As always, we use none of the chemicals, solvents, or petroleums that other brands use. Instead, we pack our 100% natural shampoo with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and herbs.

Many customers claim that their hair loss has been reduced by some 20% after 6 weeks of continual use.  How? Renewal Shampoo has a unique ability to oxygenate the scalp and rid hair follicles of oil, dirt, bacteria, chemicals in water, hair product residues and stress. This prevents hair loss, repairs brittle hair and gives hair back its healthy shine and bounce.

Guidelines for use:

  • Wet hair thoroughly, then use enough shampoo to coat hair
  • Gently work into the scalp and leave it to work for 30 seconds+
  • Rinse
  • Repeat if needed
Tip for longer hair:  works great for washing with our natural shampoo (Secret from the Expert):  
  1.  Wet your hair and scalp.  Dot shampoo directly from the bottle onto the scalp about six times
  2. Gently massage your scalp, then add a quick spray of water to distribute the shampoo. 
  3. Work the shampoo through the hair without tangling it up. 
  4. Rinse and repeat if necessary for you  
  5. Avoid tangling your hair, so do not agitate it with a towel to remove excess water.
  6. Instead, clap or pat your hair in a towel.
  7. Use a wide tooth comb with tapered teeth on wet hair to keep from damaging it.

 For Best Results, use with The Vital Image hair companions:

As always, our active biodegradable ingredients are pro-ecology, food grade, and never tested on animals.  Nature surely does a good job!

Contains: Charged Organic Particles (COPS), purified water, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, castor oil, rosemary, rose, organic calamine, bee pollen, almond oil, sassafras, horsetail, olive oil, alfalfa, flax oil, kelp, watercress, sea weed, and walnut oil.