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PhytoHydrator, 8 oz. Unique all natural moisturizer

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Phyto Hydrator, 8 oz.  Unique all natural moisturizer for oily, dry, normal and combination skin. Key to young looking skin, reduce wrinkles, tone and tighten skin, terrific for all ages, all types of skin, non clogging.

One of our most popular products, PhytoHydrator reduces wrinkles, hydrates, rejuvenates, tones and tightens skin with its special blend of vitamins and nutrients. Moisture is vital to all skin types to keep it healthy and young looking.  Our unique all-natural formula delivers charged organic particles to oxygenate your pores. Excellent for all skin types: sensitive, oily, problematic, dry or mature. Moisturizes even in the driest climates.

 Guidelines for Use:

  • For any skin area needing moisture--face, eye area, lips, neck, etc.
  • Mist PhytoHydrator 3 to 5 times on desired area
  • Gently pat into skin
  • Best a.m. & p.m. and use as needed during the day - essential during travel!

    For Maximum Results, Consider Using With:

    Any of our products!  PhytoHydrator is a cornerstone to beautiful skin.

    As always, our active biodegradable ingredients are pro-ecology, food grade, and never tested on animals.

    Contains: Charged organic particles, purified water, witch hazel extract, strawberry, cucumber, rice extract, lily extract, plant proteins, Vitamin E, pure vegetable glycerin


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