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Lipid Complex

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Lipid Complex
Lipid Complex
Lipid Complex
Organic Moisturizer. Give your skin an extra boost to hydrate, tone and resist wrinkles

Dry skin. Seasonal or year round, it’s something we all face to different degrees. Dryness makes our skin wrinkled, dull and saggy, and sometimes our regular moisturizing routine needs a boost. That’s where Lipid Complex comes in.  Add a few drops of this fine plant ester & oil blend to your favorite The Vital Image nourisher when you feel the need for extra hydration.

Here’s how it works: All skin nourishers at The Vital Image are water soluble due to the magic of our unique COPS (Charged Organic Particles). The COPS in our nourishers have the ability to work with the plant oils and vitamins in Lipid Complex to create a rich, water-soluble nutrient that gives your cells extra hydration. When severe conditions call for extra moisture, Lipid Complex helps control your skin’s metabolic environment so your cells stay hydrated.

Guidelines for Maximum Results

  • Cleanse and, for optimal pH level, tone skin
  • Put moisturizer of choice in your palm.
  • Add three drops of Lipid Complex and mix into your moisturizer.
  • Gently massage moisturizer/Lipid Complex combination into your skin.

    For Maximum Results, Consider Using With: 

    Face & Body Wash (Before)

    Grime Fighter (After)

    Moisturizer of Choice: Skin Renewal Complex, Pot of Gold, Cleopatra’s Dream, Night Wonder, Cherry Yam, C-Serum+MSM

    As always, our active biodegradable ingredients are pro-ecology, food grade, and never tested on animals. 

    Contains Certified organic jojoba, fine plant oils of avocado, apricot, grape seed, almond, sassafras, lemon grass, vitamin E, sage, sandalwood.

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