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Giant Pac

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Giant Pac by The Vital Image

Giant Pac Includes:

  • Face & Body Wash 8oz
  • Grime Fighter 8oz
  • PhytoHydrator 8oz
  • Skin Renewal Complex 1.25oz. 

Our objective of the Giant Pac was and more then ever still is to provide you more convenience and savings on solutions you have grown to love and have benefited from.  Giant Pac has the largest sizes we offer so that you save ordering time, single shipping saves, more to share with family members and of course, fulfillment-labor savings that we pass on to you as discounts--you get more for less. 

If you win, we win too: more cleansing, more pore oxygenation, more hydration and more nourishing for your skin.

Here's what you get: in each Giant Pac:  Face & Body Wash 8 oz; Grime Fighter 8 oz., PhytoHydrator 8 oz., Renewal Complex 1.25oz—Largest sizes of Basic Skin Health specially priced.

Totally cleanse your skin, oxygenate pores, hydrate cells, nourish with key anti aging nutrients, then so you can realize your youngest skin by using these natural skin care products.

Thousands now have great skin who never thought they would! Your Giant Skin Renewal Pac is an excellent, time-tested (30+ years, by hundreds of thousands) using the key steps for so many and for you to rejuvenate your skin.

Cleanse your skin cells so that they can be liberated to perform at their peak so you get the clearest, freshest skin possible,

Tone and raise the pH of your skin for maximum oxygenation for a youthful glow,

Moisturize to provide the excellent hydrated environment for optimum cell metabolism,

Provide your skin with the optimum anti aging nutrition that will make your skin look as young as possible, as quickly as possible for as long as possible.

Team up consistently with your Skin Renewal Pac and together you will begin your skin’s rejuvenation journey with topical nutrition because our natural skin care products perform their “magic” at the cellular level.  Many use only these four solutions and nothing else--"who would have thought the best skin care would also be the easiest to use".

In just 2 minutes a day you will gain immediate and continuous, visible improvements. In 30 days, you and others will see radiant skin health and beauty beyond your expectations--Guaranteed!

Healthier cells give life to healthier, more robust and beautiful skin cells. We crammed each product with only natural skin enhancing plant extracts and other nutritional ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Unless you are a young child your body may not be providing your skin with these; from now on you’ll be getting them topically. The Vital Image products have changed all that!

Nutrients can only be absorbed into the skin and made effective by our unique Charged Organic Particles that are Submicroscopic (COPS)  and are the dynamic force behind our scientific formulation of ingredients. We and our team of scientists have been at this for over 30 years!

Beautify your skin by using the quick and easy steps below:

  1. Face & Body Wash--Detergent-free, non-drying, natural skin cleanser: For normal to oily skin--Use morning and evening.  Dry skin use evenings.
  2. Splash your face with warm water. Put about a dime size amount of the “Wash” in your hand and smooth it into your skin. You will notice that the Face & Body Wash has a slippery feel but is low on suds. That’s because synthetic chemicals in almost all soaps cause suds but actually do no clean. These commercial chemicals are not beneficial. Make sure you cleanse under your jaw line.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry.
  4. Grime Fighter-- Use this powerful, yet gentle, non-stinging-to-the-eyes liquid to dissolve dirt and make-up, including eye make-up and sunscreen, sets the pH of your skin, neutralizes chlorine and other chemicals that may be in the water environment. This highly recommended liquid ‘preps’ your skin to receive the Complexes and Cleopatra's Dream. Everyone's skin improves with the use of the Grime Fighter.  Saturate a cotton pad with Grime Fighter .  Wipe away make-up and dirt, or if skin is already clean, pat in generously to ‘prep’ skin. 
  5. For eye make-up removal, hold the saturated pad to your eye for a few seconds then gently rotate to dissolve eye make-up. The make-up itself may sting your eyes but the Grime Fighter will not. You’ll find it great for cleansing without water, if you prefer, while traveling.
  6. Smooth over your skin with the middle two fingers of your other hand until you attain complete absorption.
  7. PhytoHydrator--A superb 100% natural herbal moisturizer for all skin types; won't clog pores. Targets dryness, wrinkling, brown spots, acne & rosacia, delivers water and nutrition. It keeps skin moist even in the driest climate. Enhances potency of the Renewal Complex and keeps skin feeling moist as it renews itself. Spray directly on your skin or place several drops of PhytoHydrator in your clean palm.
  8. Smooth over your skin with the middle two fingers of your other hand;  concentrate gentle smoothing over problem areas.
  9. Renewal Complex--Accelerates cell turnover, improves color, tone and texture of skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and provides essential nutrition to skin cells. The result is that you look much younger and more vital. A synergistic concentrated formulation of over 87 skin-enhancing plant extracts using our COPS to magnify the action of the plant extracts and deliver their nutrients to your skin: Very Concentrated! Must be applied onto very moist skin, either the PhytoHydrator, or you may add a few drops of Grime Fighter in the palm of your hand to mix with your dab of Renewal Complex
  10. Gently apply Renewal Complex to all areas of the face.

An excellent option--Add to your Skin Renewal Pac the Collagen Builder when you want to reverse stubborn wrinkles, tighten skin, diminish lines, tone loose jowls, recapture elasticity, add volume, beautify texture, bring back youthful color and glow NOW!

  1. How to safely Exfoliate Your Skin if you wish to Include it as part of your weekly routine (no more than 1 to 3 times a week
  2. Splash face with water
  3. Mix 1/2 tsp. or more of sugar or baking soda with a good drizzle of Face & Body Wash in your palm
  4. Mix together with your wet fingers to form a paste
  5. Very gently glide (don't scratch) with only upward strokes (direction: Under chin to hairline) the mixture over your entire wet skin and then
  6. Rinse thoroughly.
  7. Repeat this special routine as often as necessary to keep your skin clean of dead cells, but no more than 3 times per week. Let’s get rid of wrinkles, saggy skin, dry skin, over oily skin, acne skin or problem skin the easy, natural way as quickly as possible and keep it beautiful for as long as possible. Thousands have done it and so can you!

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