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Fruit/VegiClean Natural Concentrate

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Fruit/VegiClean Natural Concentrate
Fruit/VegiClean Natural Concentrate by The Vital Image
 Fruit/VegiClean Natural Concentrate 
Clean Toxic Residues, dirt, grime, parasites, etc. from your Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit/VegiClean makes a full gallon of product to: •Clean Toxic Residues from your Fruits & Vegetables.  Just get a microscope and see what's on the fruits and vegetables that you are going to ingest; as the referee says to the fighters in the boxing ring "protect yourself at all times".

  • Enjoy Natural Fruit & Vegetable Tastes •Easy,
  • Convenient to Use
  • Natural, Food Grade, USDA Accepted
  • People & Planet Friendly Fruit/VegiClean will simply, efficiently, safely and economically remove potentially harmful substances from your fruits and vegetables that may be present so that you can get your food’s full nutritional value and enjoy the taste as nature intended.

How to Use Fruit/VegiClean

  1. Empty the 1-oz. Fruit/VegiClean concentrate into a full 1-gallon container of water,
  2. Stir thoroughly and pour some into a Spray bottle,
  3. Spray Fruit/VegiClean on fruits or vegetables.
  4. Allow 2 minutes or more to penetrate, biodegrade loosen and: remove:waxes, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, oils, hydrocarbons, etc. that may be present and
  5. Rinse. No need to further scrub, wipe or towel clean. Your vegetables and/or fruits are ready to eat or prepare!

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