Bio Lotion - Illuminates Skin Appearance

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Bio Lotion, 8 oz.

(Recommended for Professional Use)

Designed specifically for professional aestheticians, this highly oxygenating COPS empowered Bio Lotion illuminates skin appearance of your clients and captures and transforms the hidden energy that this catalyst brings to skin cells. 

What an easy way to ignite that immediate, yet, lasting appearance of the energetic skin that identifies healthy, youthful skin.

Several have "bragged" to us that they did not imagine that their appearance could transform so beautifully, yet so quickly and so easily (in front of their eyes)--facialists have been saying there's hardly a need to ask for the client's next appointment because they look at their skin and practically beg on how soon they can come back for their next facial.

By itself it has shown to benefit acne-prone skin but for normal and healthy skin types the boost of oxygen exploits the generation of energy coming into a client's skin cells via The Vital Image previously applied skin enhancing solutions by the aesthetician since the vitamins, minerals and nutrients' values are optimized  

Apply with cotton throughout target area and push into skin as evenly as possible.

Can you imagine?  you can do this for yourself at home too!  

Repeat as often as you like, you'll never regret when you stick with The Vital Image.

Ingredients:  Stabilized Oxygen, COPS