~99Bulk.Super CD 64 oz. (1/2 Gallon)  Eco friendly All Purpose Cleaner/degreaser replaces dozens of ‘One -special-use' cleaners—Super Concentrated

Super CD

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Super CD: Super Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate 

Here’s an incredibly powerful household cleaner without toxins, fumes and harsh ingredients.  Our Super Cleanser/Degreaser concentrate thoroughly cleans all surfaces but is biodegradable, and so safe, you can use it around kids and pets.

How does this USDA-accepted Super Cleaner/Degreaser work? Super CD gets its cleaning power from Charged Organic Particles (COPs).  COPs are a marvel of natural science as they make water wetter, encircling dirt, grime, oils, pathogens and other organic materials, which are then degraded, disrupted, disabled and easily rinsed away with no residue. COPS also create an anti-static barrier that repels dirt and oils to cleaned surfaces, thus increasing the time between cleanings.

How Can this Cost Pennies on the Gallon? Because you must dilute Super CD Concentrate with water. For General Household Cleaning: Add 1 ounce of Super CD to 20 ounces of water.  For Heavy Cleaning/Degreasing: Add 2 ounces of Super CD to 20 ounces of water.

Directions: In a Spray Bottle, mix the ratio of Super CD to water (either 1:20 ounces or 2:20 ounces), Shake, and Spray. Wipe all household surfaces (countertops, doorknobs, banisters, showers and tubs, sinks).


Super CD works well with microfiber cloths.  Just spray Super CD on the surface to be cleaned and wipe it down with the microfiber cloth. Then wring out the cloths to reuse instead of going through heaps of paper towels.

Windows and mirrors:  Add about 4 drops of Super CD Concentrate to a gallon of water. Optional: Add and ounce of vinegar.  Spray and wipe, then dry with micro fiber cloth or newspaper, or squeegie.

In the car:  spray a micro fiber towel, put it a zip lock and use to wipe down the surfaces and steering wheel.  Change out the towel about every other day

Keep a small spray bottle in the car to clean shopping gloves and face mask.  Then remove let them dry on the dashboard.

 As laundry booster:  add about 1/4 tsp or less (small squirt) per load.