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~99Bulk.Super CD 64 oz. (1/2 Gallon)

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~99Bulk.Super CD 64 oz. (1/2 Gallon)  Eco friendly All Purpose Cleaner/degreaser replaces dozens of ‘One -special-use' cleaners—Super Concentrated
Eco friendly wonder cleaning product. We use this all purpose cleaner for all our cleaning from our teeth (with wonderful dental reports of our dentist), bathrooms, oven, walls, glass, mirrors, vents, grills, plastics, dishes, pots, engine parts, fine jewelry, plastic surfaces, furniture, upholstery, laundry, all home use, hospitals, restaurants, garage floor. . . Super concentrated, replaces dozens of ‘One special use cleaners’. Accepted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It’s: SUPER EFFICIENT & POWERFUL 4 TIMES the cleaning power per ounce of others 99% active ingredients, just add water to activate SUPER ECONOMICAL Costs only pennies per gallon, No spoilage, No waste, Minimal storage requirements Add water at use time, save on shipping & storage SUPER PEOPLE FRIENDLY NON-caustic, NON-fuming, NON-flammable, NON-hazardous, NON-toxic No need to use protective clothing or gloves SUPER CONVENIENT Keeps surfaces clean longer, repels dirt and grime Never store or dispose of toxic cleaners again SUPER SAFE TO OUR ECOLOGY NO Phosphates, Nitrates, OR Hard Chemicals Is 99% BIODEGRADABLE in 7 days! What is Super CD, What does it do? USDA approved SUPER CLEANER & DEGREASER (SUPER CD) is the century’s answer for those who clean hospitals, offices, restaurants, pet shelters, factories, garages, shops, warehouses, hotels, motels, homes. How Super CD handles Problems: Super CD solves these problems elegantly and without any compromise. This Single--All-In-One cleaner/degreaser replaces dozens of ‘One-special-use’ products such as ‘degreasers’, ‘oven cleaners’, ‘griddle cleaners’:, ‘stainless steel cleaners’, or ‘glass cleaners’, etc.Super CD Cleans the NON-Toxic Way! Most dirt and grime stick to and are attracted surfaces because of some type of grease, static electricity or both. There are three types of grease: water soluble, oil soluble, and neither water or oil soluble. Most chemicals can only work on one or the other, not all three. The most powerful chemicals can work on two of the three, but not all three types--these are usually toxic in nature. Now meet the real ‘Grime Fighters’! Super CD is different from others in that our unique Charged Organic Particles that are Submicroscopic in size (COPS) give results that other products cannot. Bring in the SWAT team of Cleaners! Leave professional cleaning jobs to the ‘Pros’. Super CD COPS’ magnetic forces attract and lift grime and soil from surfaces by reducing the surface tension of water by 50%, even when diluted to as little as 1 to 3,250 parts of water! The COPS encircle dirt, grease (water, oil soluble and not oil-soluble or water) and grime particles, hold them in suspension and break them down while separating them from the surface to be cleaned. COPS repel each other continually so they disperse soil throughout the solution. This explains why Super CD cleans as do soaps, detergents, solvents, etc., but without toxic chemicals or abrasive action. COPS create an anti-static barrier that repels dirt and oils to cleaned surfaces, thus increasing the time between cleanings. Now it becomes evident that since no harsh chemicals are needed to do the job and that Super CD is: Super People Friendly, Super Safe to Our Environment, Super Efficient, Super Powerful, Super Economical and it has the Perfect Safety Factor that makes it the ideal product to use. OFF with the Old, ON with the New As you eliminate the several old fashioned products from your storage bins, Super CD will replace them and secure maximum safety to people, and you'll no longer need to use protective gloves as was required when using caustic products that burn or irritate the skin, cause serious injury to eyes and even give off harmful vapors. How to use Super CD Diverse Jobs The table below shows the dilution of Super CD in water. For example: To prepare a solution to wash cars, pour 1 ounce of Super CD to about 1 gallon of water. To use as an industrial degreaser add about 1 ounce of Super CD to 10 ounces of water--Tap or even salt water will do! Easy housekeeping: Get 3, 16 oz. spray bottles, add Super CD, label and fill them with water and add Super CD as follows: (1) Glass Cleaner--1/32 tsp. CD, (2) General Purpose—1/8 tsp CD, (3) Heavy Cleaner—1/4 tbs. CD. Table of Dilution per Type of Job JOB AT HAND SUPER CD WATER Glass Cleaner 1 1,000 Car Wash 1 400 Steam Cleaning Fluid 1 320 Hard Surface Cleaner 1 200 Spray-Washing Fluid 1 160 Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo 1 128 General Purpose Cleaner 1 80 Boat Cleaner 1 80 Walls & Woodwork Cleaner 1 80 Hotel/Motel Housekeeping 1 80 Engine Cleaner 1 20 Industrial Degreaser 1 40 Oven Cleaner 1 40 Jewelry, copper, brass, silver 1 4 Some applications of Super CD: Steam cleaning, high pressure spray washing, cleaning vents and hoods over kitchen ovens and ranges, store-room areas, food preparation areas, dispensing equipment, counters, dishwashers, sinks, cupboards, rest-rooms, light fixtures, walls, woodwork and windows, decor cleaning, air conditioning, furniture, upholstery, in or as a laundry compound and spot remover, relieves clogged sewers and drains, removes tarnish and corrosion from copper, brass and silver in machine shops, as water treatment for boilers, metal cleaner--removes mill and processing oil, dust control, degreaser, etc.

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