~98nl.Phyto2: No label Phyto Hydrator 2 oz.

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  • A most popular PhytoHydrator remarkably reduces wrinkles,
  • hydrates,
  • rejuvenates, 
  • tones and tightens skin with its special blend of vitamins and nutrients,
  • Moisture is vital to all skin types to keep it healthy and young looking,
  • Our unique all-natural formula delivers charged organic particles to oxygenate your pores,
  • Excellent for all skin types: sensitive, oily, problematic, dry or mature, 
  • Moisturizes even in the driest climates.

 Guidelines for Use:

  • For any skin area needing moisture--face, eye area, lips, neck, etc.
  • Mist PhytoHydrator 3 to 5 times or more onto desired area
  • Gently pat and "push" into skin
  • Best a.m. & p.m. and use as needed during the day--essential during travel!
  • Use when your skin begins to feel dry.

     For Maximum Results, Consider Using With:

    Any of our formulations!  PhytoHydrator is paramount to beautiful skin.

    As always, our active biodegradable ingredients are pro-ecology, food grade, and never tested on animals.

    Contains: Charged Organic Particles (COPS), purified water, witch hazel extract, strawberry, cucumber, rice extract, lily extract, plant proteins, Vitamin E, pure vegetable glycerin.