2022 Holiday Special!

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Happy Holidays 2022!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for supporting our 39 year passion to pioneer 100% pure skin-care to keep you healthy as well as looking your very best! Your skin is by far the most powerful expression of who you are, THAT'S why we are here.

We are so meticulous to use only 100% pure ingredients because what you put on your body also goes in your body.

We require true nutrition to be healthy. We consume on average about 73,646 pounds of food in our lifetime--about 6 elephants worth! Some toxic, some just non-nutritional.

Non-nutrients weaken us--they degenerate, prematurely age, disrupt hormones, disturb digestion, even accelerate death; true nutrients build and repair--key reasons to Put on and put in only the best nutrients.

Did you know that 1,500+ toxic cosmetic ingredients that are forbidden in other countries are allowed in the USA? Not in our blends. Not good enough for us = not good enough to share with you--we use the same products from our shelves that you get!

Rest assured that ZERO non-nutrients are in The Vital Image formulas. That IS worth celebrating!

*Restore Youthful Energy and Glow*

Presenting: Skin Radiance Gel

Our unique oxygenating "COPS" Charged Organic Particles implode thru skin cell membranes to ignite a lasting energy in our mitochondria and organelles; imagine you are underwater, starved for air and burst up above water level. Your skin cells get charged with a similar relief and reward. 

Add up all those sub-microscopic COPS within those billions of skin cells--that's why those extra oxygen-charges ignite energy boosts when paired with your favorite blends from The Vital Image.  (Genie, Renewal Complex, Cleopatra's Dream, etc.) get you that spectacular Skin Youthful Energy and Glow.

When to Apply "Radiance Gel"?

- AM; to energize your skin, boost volume to fast-start your day with the coveted vital glow.

Revolutionize your look at life and the way life looks at you! A great way to start your day.

- PM; between 1am and 4am during your skin's rejuvenation cycle--Just sleep>from dream to results!

- Why pair (intermix) Skin Radiance Gel with The Vital Image topical nutrients?  To ramp-up nutrient power of your beloved Vital Image blends; get a fuller, brighter, firmer and more resilient appearance!

Dynamic Duo for Winter Weather: PhytoHydrator + Lipid Complex summon youthful hydration and moisture to freshly energize your skin. Lipid Complex completes the moisture profile to keep your skin elegant, volumized, youthful & supple.

Details, descriptions and ingredients: www.thevitalimage.com

"Energized skin raises your sex appeal"

Let's celebrate together with these SPECIAL OFFERS:

Good 'til Monday, 1/9/2023, 9am.

Gifts accumulate from offers #1 through #7. For example: If your total order is $400, you're at Offer #3, you'll also Get gifts in Offers #1, #2, #3.

#1 Order $50+ Get FREE 1oz Fruit/VegiClean Natural Concentrate (makes 1 gal.)--toxic waxes, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, oils, hydrocarbons, residues: Remove, don't ingest!!

#2 Order $200+ Get FREE Lipid Complex: A super moisture boost

#3 Order $400+ Get FREE Genie Age Defying Complex

#4 Order 1.25oz Skin Renewal am/pm, Get FREE 'Radiance Gel'

#5 Order Genie Age Defying Complex—Get FREE upgrade to Genie Pac with 8oz Face & Body Wash, 2oz GrimeFighter, 2oz PhytoHydrator

#6 Order 8oz PhytoHydrator, Get a FREE 2oz PhytoHydrator

#7 Order Skin Radiance Gel, get a FREE .3oz Skin Renewal am/pm

For descriptions, ingredients and details please see our website

HOW TO ORDER (Couldn't be easier):

Just Select products at thevitalimage.com, we'll send your gifts-with-order automatically!

Create more than one order as you wish

Warm wishes for happiness, health, beauty and abundance from Leah, German and Lisseth.


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