Glycolic Refining Lotion

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Glycolic Refining Lotion 
Exfoliate, smooth texture, effective against acne, refines and normalizes pores, polishes skin, tighten and tone


Exfoliate, smooth texture, gain ground against acne, refine and normalize pores, polish your skin, tighten and tone without solvents or chemicals.

This carefully blended exfoliant plumps, polishes and smoothes skin, while maintaining health and vitality of deeper skin layers. We based the Glycolic Refining Lotion on the latest technology breakthrough that lets us replace synthetic chemicals with more powerful, natural ingredients that do the same work as synthetics, only better and safely.

You only benefit your skin with no negative side affects such as increased sun sensitivity or dryness. Glycolic Refining Lotion causes your skin to exfoliate more quickly, thus stimulating faster cell renewal that brings fresh skin cells to the surface. These give you a younger, hydrated, more vital, attractive skin without compromising cells that aren't mature enough to do their job without being endangered.

Our making higher quality skin is even more effective in a clean environment rich in water and oxygen as is created by The Vital Image natural skin rejuvenators.

Through the synergy of Charged Organic Particles that are Sub-microscopic (COPSThe Vital Image Solutions' super-nutrition and hydration demonstrate too how Glycolic Refining Lotion lets you regain maximum characteristics of younger looking skin.

How to Use Glycolic Refining Lotion

  1. Apply the Lotion 1 to 3 nights a week. More frequent application may not give optimum benefits. Your skin needs time to take maximum advantage of each exfoliation.
  2. Since our skin rejuvenates between the hours of midnight and 4:00 am, evening is the preferred time for treatment.
  3. Try not to sleep on your face as this may stretch and wrinkle skin.
  4. Those with fresh or sensitive skin should use it less often.
  5. Those with sun damaged, wrinkled and blemished skin can use it more often. Apply to eye area gently, never stretching your skin. Limit applications to 1 to 2 times a week around eye area, if at all; study your skin and see if more or less often would be more effective.
  6. Many apply it nightly to face and neck and to other vulnerable areas in need of rejuvenation such as chest, arms, legs, elbows and yes, the hands. Study your skin’s condition to determine frequencies and areas to treat. Wash face with Face & Body Wash and pat your skin gently until dry
  7. For added benefit use the Grime Fighter, see instructions and let it absorb
  8. Shake bottle and put 3 to 5 drops of Glycolic Refining Lotion in the palm of a hand
  9. Dip middle two fingers of other hand on dispensed Lotion
  10. Use dipped fingers in short, gentle strokes over entire face, more on problem areas Treat other areas of your body that need care and rejuvenation
  11. Let it absorb, then follow-up with your usual Skin Renewal Complexes routine. Note: Lotion may tingle or slightly sting for a few seconds but it should not irritate.
  12. If it is too strong, apply additional Grime Fighter. If you do not yet use Skin Renewal solutions and the Lotion is too strong, dilute it with 1 or 2 drops of distilled or purified water.

Do not use too much Lotion.

Contains: All-natural ingredients include: Purified water, organic Aloe Vera, Charged Organic Particles, chemical-free Glycolic acid polymer, natural plant essences, vitamin E, no preservatives, alcohol nor synthetic chemicals. Unique and excellent as an anti skin-aging aid.