Skin Radiance Gel

Skin Radiance Gel

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Skin Radiance Gel 

Advanced anti-aging

Explosive boost to skin beauty by The Vital Image topical nutrients!

("Gel" Under Construction)

 If you read nothing else, read this!  

Would you benefit from Skin Radiance Gel?  Most likely you would, if you relate to any of the following:

  • You feel your skin looks older than you are 

  • 'Must find a way to recreate the vitality that you had

  • Start within one month to have a much younger, invigorated skin 

  • This could be the start of a game changer for skin excellence for you

Within 30 seconds to 30 minutes of using Skin Radiance Gel you may find it easy to add to the list of glowing comments offered by our valued “test” participants.


What other conditions target your need to "Gel"?

  • A quick touch-up to 'perk up'? "Gel"!

  • Loose Skin inside elbows?  "Gel"!

  • Like to have firmer, that younger plumpness and brighter skin, elasticity, and neutralize those beauty limiting lines and/or wrinkles? "Gel"!

  • Minimize those distracting blemishes? "Gel"!

If you checked or were tempted to check any item(s) in the partial list above, this "Gel's" for YOU!!

How Your Life Works:

Life empowers the sun energy to combine with oxygen (the spark) to induces life functions; this energy flows in the body over molecules set up just for that purpose--cellular respiration generates our life functions.  Our air is 21% oxygen, the key life spark in every cell, (skin as well). 

How Does Skin Radiance Gel Work for You?

Our signature "oxygenating COPS" of the “Gel” implode in skin cell membranes to ignite a lasting energy in mitochondria and organelles; imagine you are underwater, starved for air and come up for air?  Your cells' drama may respond similarly. 

Add up all those sub-microscopic “guys” within those billions of skin cells that get you that spectacularly energetic, youthful look! 

A Gel testing "groupie" shared that she was thrilled that she once again "discounted"  her age and got a way with it!  

Well, no wonder, that extra oxygen-charge ignited a boost they had not seen even with their favorite blends from "The Vital Image".  

When should You Apply "Gel"?

Mornings; to energize your skin, boost volume for the day; get a lifting start.

Revolutionize your look at life and the way life looks at you! What a great way to start your day.

Evenings; between 12:am and 4:00am it's your skin's time cycle to repair, maintain and rejuvenate.  Just sleep and go from dream to results; wake up next morning knowing that you did the right things right!

Why pare (intermix) Skin Radiance Gel with The Vital Image topical nutrients?  To ramp up action of your loved Vital Image products and to get a brighter, firmer, fuller appearance!

 Which topical Nutrients give You Maximum Beauty?

Nourishers of choice: Genie, Skin Youth Factor, Renewal am/pm, Cleopatra's Dream, Cherry Yam Complex, C-Serum+MSM. 

Here’s how it works: All of The Vital Image skin “nourishers” are water and oil soluble due to the magic of our unique COPS (Charged Organic Particles).

The COPS work synergistically with Skin Radiance Gel to boost the action of your favorite Vital Image skin “nourishers" (All of The Vital Image skin reparation, maintenance and beautifier crews work synergistically with Skin Radiance Gel).


Guidelines for Maximum Results:

Whenever touching your face, experts recommend protection against gravity may be achieved by simply:  gently applying non-stretching  short upward strokes to reduce the constant downward force daily skin pulling stretching of of gravity

The gentle upward and sideways strokes, specially in the eye area also release tension and help relax the skin.  

  1. Cleanse with Face & Body Wash
  2. Purify with Grime Fighter
  3. Hydrate with PhytoHydrator perhaps with a drop of Lipid Complex added for drier skin
  4. Touch your clean finger on to your “Gel”, place the small dab in your palm,
  5. Place your usual portion of your skin nourisher(s) in your palm (Genie, Youth Factor, Skin Renewal am/pmCleopatra’s Dream, Cherry YamC-Serum+MSM) or other.
  6. Mix together and glide over your entire skin.  As usual, gently stroke with gentle, short, upward, never skin stretching strokes to avoid any downward (gravity) pull. 
  7. With use, you decide how big your dab of “Gel” will be.

    We hope the visible new energy in your skin will delight you as it has us!!  Your terrific skin is now here for the taking!


    Ingredients: COPS, oxygen enriched essential amino acids, essential oils, camu camu extract astaxanthin