GreenGo Concentrate Biodegradable Pesticide 8oz (Makes 8 Gallons)

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GreenGo Concentrate Biodegradable Pesticide - 8 oz. (Makes 8 Gallons)
Good for plants, trees, edible fruits & vegetables, flowers, and  more


GreenGo, the world-class Biodegradable pesticide/insecticide that may truly  qualify as a champion.

That's a pretty big statement; let's see how we can back it up; you be the judge.  See how GreenGo the following key challenges are whipped:

Safety and Range of application GreenGo works on many insects that attack your plants, and home environment such as Ants, Aphids, Beetles, Boll Weevils, Leafhoppers, Leaf miners, Mites, Certain Mold, Mildew, Thripps, Two Spotted Spider Mite, White Flies, fleas, the list goes on--INSECTS. 

To eliminate insects that can kill or damage our trees, bushes, vegetables, fruits, flowers, harm our pets and other cared-for animals, you may agree isn't good practice to just go to your "local xx store" and pick up off-the-shelf synthetic-chemical based pesticides.

As you drive by your city golf courses and parks, professional gardeners and  street maintenance crews strive to maintain our green areas free of pests. You may notice that they are well covered up and protected against the chemical agents they spray to kill the insects that destroy our plants.

Why do you suppose that they are covered with plastic suits and masks?  Officials protect their people from toxic exposure; we see that scientific studies identify the need to eliminate health risks to workers.  Safety matters.

What about you and your family?  Wouldn't you want yourself and your family to be out of harm's way as you eliminate these invading pests?  Of course! Its time has come--Use GreenGo

Say you spray it directly on your leg or arm; it would not harm you; however, if an ant or a flee happened to be on your arm or leg when you sprayed GreenGo on it, for them, it would be a different story--lethal, end of story.   you could swim in a pool of GreenGo or mistakenly drink it instead of your ice tea--no consequence. 

Then how does GreenGo doom the pesky critters?

Brilliantly, you might agree.  Enter Our Charged Organic Particles (COPS)!

Our special COPS, an aerospace innovation, serves to elegantly elevate constituent oxygen even more as it sprays from container to target. 

The (un)friendly targets with less evolved lack abilities to process and deliver  excessive oxygen via their skin and/or exoskeletons, because they have no lungs or evolved breathing systems to regulate and filter it.

The COPS-enriched water-solution that comes in contact with  (un)friendly targets get overwhelmed and perish.

Are we getting closer to agreeing to "Brilliantly"?  Please read on.

GreenGo does not harm the environment,

  • Is not hazardous,
  • Non-harmful to humans,—no protective gear needed.  Let your cat or dog be with you when you spray wearing your usual shorts and tee shirt. 
  • Can be used without harming a watershed or stream
  • Insects cannot build up a resistance to it
  • Insects that have developed resistance to regular pesticides are killed
  • There are no restrictions on the amount used or on residues on crops
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors (yes in your home)
  • GreenGo is guaranteed 100% when used according to specifications below.

How to Use GreenGo

Use this product in accordance with its labeling.


Apply as needed for control. When insects are causing economic damage continue applications at 4 – 14 day intervals, or as needed.

There is no restriction in the number of applications.

Foliage treatments: Apply GreenGo with manual, ground or aerial equipment to all crops.

  • Do not spray during strong temperature inversion.
  • When spraying crops near maturity, an application system that gives maximum penetration of the crop canopy gets a good insect kill.
  • Do not apply to crops in bloom unless a test application has been performed.
  • Best results will be obtained by applications in early evening to slow evaporation.
  • Do not apply within 1 hour of rain.
  • There are no grazing or crop restrictions
  • GreenGo is toxic to bees on contact

General Application Instructions

GreenGo formulation mixes readily with water, and controls a wide spectrum of insects, mites and nematodes on trees, shrubs, foliage plants, fruit and nut trees, flowers and crops.  Even on your house plants or tomato plant

GreenGo can be applied as foliar or soil directed spray for nematodes.

  • When mixing GreenGo, observe all precautions and limitations on this product label.
  • When mixing GreenGo with water: (1) Add water to container (2) Add GreenGo to water (3) Agitate.
  • At the recommended application rate of: 100 parts of water to 1 part of GreenGo by volume, use 1.3 fluid oz (38ml) of GreenGo into each 1 gal. of water
  • Typical Applications: 160 liters (55 gal.) per acre, 400 liters per hectare 1 ¼ gal. Per 1000 square feet Maximum Application: 1600 liters (422 gal.) per acre 4000 liters (1056 gal.) per hectare

Contains: Active Ingredient: (Net Contents By Weight) Sodium Laurel Sulfate 8.0% Inert Ingredients: Water, Carrot, Corn Oil, Glycerin, Guar Gum, Onion, Orange Pulp, Soy Bean Oil, Vanillin 92.0% Exempt from EPA pesticide registration by FIFRA Section 25(b) as outlined in Title 40CFR Section 152.25 Conditions of Sale and Warranty - Only use as directed:

The Manufacturer warrants that this product conforms to the chemical description on the label and is fit for the purposes described in the Directions for Use.

The Manufacturer makes no other express or implied warranty.

In no case shall the Manufacturer or the Seller be liable for consequential, special, or indirect damages resulting from the use or misuse or handling of this product.

GreenGo is sold in (1.3 oz. to make 1 gal), (8 oz. to make 6.3 gal.), 1 gal. to make 100 gallons or more of Sprayable product. Please contact The Vital Image for Quantity Pricing, Distribution and Commercial Use.

We hope you agree that Brilliantly and even Elegant might be an accurate description for GreenGo. Unusually, here is an "industrial strength" solution that you can safely use at home!

Ensure that all your fruits and vegetables are free of chemicals and other pesticides before preparing them for your family--that's what we and countless friends, family and customers of The Vital Image have done for years.  We welcome your wishes to use/test GreenGo.