Vital Pac: Total Care--Cleanse, Purify, Full Range Nutrition, Deep Hydration, All Skin Types am/pm

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Vital Pac Includes:  Face & Body Wash 8oz, GrimeFighter 2oz, , PhytoHydrator 2oz, Skin Renewal Complex .3oz.


Why Use The Vital Image Products Together?  

The Vital Pac  is created to cooperate with the next.  We prep our skin with the cleansers (Face & Body Wash and Grime Fighter) so the valuable topical nutrients in Skin Renewal Complex are not used up cleansing and purifying your skin, but go directly to nourish and rejuvenate it.

Specifically, Face & Body Wash is a chemical-free, residue-free, natural skin cleanser. It is highly concentrated (a little goes a long way) but low on suds, as suds do not actually aid in cleansing.

Grime Fighter is a powerful, yet gentle, purifier that neutralizes metabolic waste and an array of environmental toxins, including chlorine. It is an effective make-up remover.  Some folks also call this "Camping Cleanser" because it cleanses your skin without water.

PhytoHydrator is a superb natural herbal moisturizer for all skin types; won't clog pores. Our COPS (Charged Organic Particles), topically add moisture and nutrients to  skin.

Skin Renewal Complex is a highly concentrated blend of over 80 scientifically selected skin-enhancing plant extracts that accelerates cell turnover via topical nutrition NOT from chemicals. It also restores elasticity to skin that has been damaged by free radicals, sunlight and aging.  It improves your skin color, tone, texture and youthfulness and plumps skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  As this is a concentrate, it gets its moisture from PhytoHydrator. That is why they are together in this Pac.


Guidelines for Use:

  1. Face & Body Wash-- For normal to oily skin, use morning and evening.  Dry skin use evenings only. Splash your face with water. Put about a dime size amount of the “Wash” in your hand and smooth it into your face, including jaw line and neck.

    Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry.

  1. Grime Fighter—Saturate a cotton pad and glide It over your skin. Or, dispense Grime Fighter into your palm, and use your fingers to pat Grime Fighter generously over face and neck. DO NOT RINSE.                                                   Note:  Eye makeup removal:  Saturate a cotton pad and hold it to your eye for a few seconds, rotating without pulling on the skin. The make-up itself may sting your eyes but the Grime Fighter will not.
  2. PhytoHydrator & Renewal Complex -- Spray PhytoHydrator directly on your face and neck or apply by placing several sprays of PhytoHydrator in your clean palm. Immediately apply Skin Renewal Complex to your wet skin. Phytohydrator activates Renewal Complex and provides essential moisture and provide the essential matrix for the COPS to perform their "magic"--to deliver topical nutrition to skin cells that you will experience over time. 

 Important: When used together, The Vital Image Products typically yield accelerated cell turn-over. This is a rejuvenation process, congratulations!  Therefore, it’s important to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to polish off the layer of dead cells that may have built up.   To keep your skin fresh and for maximum absorption of product, you must Exfoliate Regularly.

Here’s how you can exfoliate safely as needed:

  1. No more than 1 to 3 times a week, splash face with water
  2. Mix 1/2 tsp. or more of sugar or baking soda with a good drizzle of Face & Body Wash in your palm
  3. Mix together with your wet fingers.
  4. Very gently glide (don't scratch) the mixture over your entire wet skin.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Repeat this routine as often as necessary to keep your skin clean of dead cells.