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THE SKIN RENEWAL Product Information Below is a description and listing of products and ingredients of products that are used, approved, prescribed and recommended by naturopathic physicians, skin experts and holistic practitioners. See what sets The Vital Image products apart from any other. Here is an insight into our process: Our M.D., Ph.D. chemist selects the purest, most potent herbs for skin. Instruments measure the energy in the herbs. The extracts start. This may take from months to years, depending on the herbs. The extracts are brimming with nutrients and ready for formulating The Vital Image products, when their energy measures the same as that of the whole herb. Each blend is then joined with the key factor that makes skin rejuvenation possible --the Charged Organic Particles that are Sub-microscopic (COPS). COPS break down nutrients in our hundreds of plant extracts into particles that your skin cells can absorb and use as nutrition. Also, they oxygenate, set the pH and keep elements in a pro-biotic environment (alive) to optimally activate ingredients that enhance the skin. The COPS also eliminate any need for chemicals (emulsifiers, detergents, and preservatives). Thus, you get chemical-free, cruelty-free, food grade, plant based, nutrient replete food--the cornerstones to healthier, clearer, firmer, more radiant and younger looking skin.