SunShield Moisturizer

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SunShield Moisturizer 4 oz.
Sun Protector - for face and body, baby safe, all skin types.


Sunshield Moisturizer:  Do you need sun protection on overcast winter days? Absolutely, according to dermatological experts!  Use our moisturizer with zinc oxide to both hydrate your skin and protect you from those year round UVA and UVB rays.

Our chemical-free daily moisturizer with antioxidants benefits all skin types while preventing premature aging from the sun. Ideal for sensitive skin, even a baby’s! Non greasy, non clogging, our moisturizer blends easily into your skin, leaving no “white face” residue so many other natural sunscreens leave behind. Any graininess in our lotion is from beneficial minerals, which should be lightly massaged into your skin.

 Sunshield Moisturizer 

  • Protects your skin from free radical damage and burns from UVA and UVB rays
  • Moisturizes and rejuvenates skin to fight against skin damage from dehydration
  • Fights free radicals which cause wrinkles by using antioxidants like grape seed
  • Repairs skin damage from UV exposure faster than it occurs

Guidelines for use: 

  • Shake Sunshield Moisturizer thoroughly to disperse minerals.
  • Before going outside, thoroughly massage into the face, chest, arms, hands, neck and ears.
  • For full penetration allow 15 minutes before makeup.
  • Reapply every one to two hours if in the sun

Use alone or as a last step in your skin-care routine. Lighter skin on brighter days should apply SunShield Moisturizer more often. 

 For Best Results, Consider Using With

As always, our active biodegradable ingredients are pro-ecology, food grade, and never tested on animals.


Contains: Charged Organic Particles, organic fresh innerleaf and gel of Aloe vera, Vitamin E, zinc, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, rice amino acids, grape seed, vitamins C, A, B