Skin Oil Balancer Powder

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Skin Oil Balancer Powder, ½ oz. 
Absorb Excess Oil and Seal in Water in One Easy Step.

Skin Oil Balancer Powder—two powerful benefits in one for those with oily skin.

  • Absorbs excessive oil, and suspends it away from the skin
  • Seals in moisture

Additional Benefits:

  • Allows the skin to breathe and expel metabolic waste
  • Keeps pores tight
  • Protects your skin from pollution
  • Controls shine caused by over-production of oil, to keep you looking fresh
  • excellent base for eye shadow, liner and mascara.

Tips for Acne/Oily Skin:

  • Clear up Blemishes More Quickly: Apply Skin Oil Balancer Powder liberally at night to absorb excess oil and encourage the expelling of toxins that cause breakouts. This helps prevent infection and its spreading.
  • Oil is full of irritating elements so remove it ASAP throughout the day. First blot your skin (don’t rub it) with a tissue, then reapply Balance.
  • Don't: Touch your face unless caring for it. Touching worsens breakouts, spreads infection.


Tips for Combination/ “T-Zone” Skin:

  • Hydrate dry areas with PhytoHydrator or topical nutrient, and apply Skin Oil Balancer Powder into oily area.
  • GREAT COMBO FOR PROBLEM SKIN: Skin Oxygenator &Skin Oil Balancer Powder. 

After washing your face, instead of purifying it with Grime Fighter, try Skin Oxygenator instead. Saturate a small piece of cotton and run it over the entire face wetting it completely. Allow it to absorb.

  • Apply Skin Oil Balancer as indicated below

 A great option for mature skin that is acne prone, oily and dry is the topical nutrient Gold Rush.

BASIC Guide for Use:

  1. Wash and Purify your face. Apply topical nutrient on dry area as per your Vital Image Routine.
  2. As your final step, apply Skin Oil Balancer Powder. Dispense a small pile of powder in to palm. If using finger tips, gently rub in to affected areas. If using cotton ball, press in to affected areas.


Do You Look Pale after putting on your Skin Oil Balancer Powder?

  • Remember to firmly press it in with a cotton ball, NEVER RUB! Rubbing with a cotton ball gives a pasty appearance.
  • If you are applying with your fingers, glide it gently into your skin until the powder disappears.
  • For a Dewy Look, Moisten your palms with a drop of PhytoHydrator and gently press them to your face , or lightly spritz your face with PhytoHydrator


Contains: Calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, COPS.