Hand & Foot Cream

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Hand & Foot Cream
All natural, non-greasy cream to soften, relax, exfoliate and normalize calluses, relieve dryness, lines and wrinkles and adds elasticity and recoil.
  • All natural,
  • anti aging,
  • non-greasy
  • boosts skin to soften
  • relaxes
  • exfoliate and normalize calluses
  • relieves dryness, lines and wrinkles
  • adds elasticity and recoil.

Our hands and feet take so much punishment; bumping into things, over-exposure to the air elements and in support of our body weight for many hours while compressed under shoes.

To meet their needs we developed the Hand & Foot Cream with the objective of keeping this over-taxed skin soft, strong, healthy, pliable and beautiful.

Folks who get it one time seem to always come back for more.

Several couples have, over the years, volunteered and confided that they have made rituals of "doing it to each other" and claim that it has enriched their relation.

Contains: Extracts of avocado, bee pollen, prune, calendula, walnut oil, rosemary, horsetail, almond oil, organic jojoba, vitamin E.