Moisture Rose Bath

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Moisture Rose Bath
The ultimate bathing elixir, anti aging moisturize and condition 

Moisture Rose Bath, for that million dollar feel; for some it's the Friday night special, tor others, whenever possible 'cause I'm worth it and I've been putting out' and others who just want to pamper themselves because it feels so good.

This ultimate natural bathing elixir contains anti aging body skin nutrients that moisturize and condition skin.

The luxury you deserve you get when you use this lavish body moisturizer and conditioner.

Lavish body moisturizer softens with silky skin conditioners in a luxury bubble bath.

So relaxing that you will want to prolong your experience! The calm, comfortable luxurious feel lasts all day and beyond. No wonder so many get this one again and again!

Contains: COPS, organic aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, plant proteins, rose essence, horsetail, almond oil, avocado oil, Vitamin E.