Healthy Hands Spray Set

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Healthy Hands Spray

Street-Smart Hygiene

Why Use Healthy Hands Spray?

  • Pocket-Ready, protect hands and surfaces on-the-go

  • Hands feel smooth, NOT dry

  • Zero toxic ingredients NOT an alcohol hand-sanitizer

  • 100% Natural, Safe, Effective, for under a “buck”!

  • Kid & pet safe 

  • Disables only harmful germs

How does street-smart Healthy Hands Spray work?

CDC & FDA, “Coronavirus is highly contagious, but fragile & easily disabled”.  Healthy Hands Spray’s degreasing and oxygenation action dissolves the virus’ “lipid envelope” to quickly disable the threat.

Just Spray & RubYou’re now protected!

FDA Warning:

170+ brands of hand sanitizers are toxic!—Google "hand sanitizers" to verify this statement.  Those with “alcohol and other toxic materials may be lethal to pets topically or ingested”.

You may notice that with each use of these toxic products your skin feels drier and more vulnerable. With Healthy Hands Spray skin feels soft, smooth and healthy.

Your Set includes: 8oz Healthy Hands Concentrate +2 free 2oz Healthy Hands Sprays ready-to-go.

Guide to use Healthy Hands Spray:

  1. Spray area such as hands til moist. Rub well including fingertips until mostly dry.

  2. Use often to keep safe

Surfaces—mist, let dry or wipe.



To Refill 2oz empty:

  1. Add Concentrate to Concentrate Fill Line, as indicated on label of 2oz.

  2. Add water to bottle’s shoulder. Shake and spray!

Ingredients: Water, Charged Organic Particles (COPS), lemon balm, black walnut, parsley flakes, white cabbage, barberry bark, rose hips, black walnut leaves, capsicum, seaweed, marshmallow root, watercress, borage flowers, nettle leaves, lavender flowers, cat claw bark, damiana, motherwort, comfrey leaves, rosemary, Vitamin E.

Untouchable performance, quality, convenience. Breakthrough pricing and total safety.

Healthy Hands Spray

Set: 1 8oz Concentrate +2 free 2oz ready-to-go Sprays $25

                   makes approx. 40 refills--cost per 2oz Refill just 60 cents!

6-Pack: 6  8oz Concentrates + 6  2oz Empties  $120

2oz Healthy Hands Spray ready-to-go, each  $2

6  Pack  2oz empty (you-fill) spray bottles   $6


Leah and German's take:

After sorting through over 50 hand sanitizers, none met our standard for "safe".  Yes, they kill germs, but the harsh and toxic ingredients destroy your skin and pollute your body in the process.  The FDA & CDC set the bar way too low and we were confident that we could do better.

 Say "No" to toxic ingredients!

Using our 30+ years of all natural skin-care research and development, we worked to design a safe hygiene alternative good enough for us and to share with you.  The result:  Healthy Hands Street Smart Hygiene Spray, the elegant solution to germs while keeping hands smooth, not dry and separating us all from toxic ingredients.  

Life changes. The need to protect does not!

Here's what we do:

Leah: One 2oz bottle in the purse and one in the car.   German: one in the pocket and one the car; one in each bathroom.

  • Spray hands and clean steering wheels, gear shifts and door handles with moist hands.

  • Don’t touch skin or clothing while in public places.

  • After removing mask, spray both sides, let dry on the dashboard or at home.

  • Spray hands before and after touching surfaces in public.

  • Spray surfaces such as counters, utensils, instruments or tools, money, especially objects potentially touched by others.

  • Wash hands with soap and water after returning home.

  • Ensure all in family are protected to prevent spread or getting sick. 

  • Offer Spray protection to all who enter your space.
  • Consistent protection should be the rule not the exception!

  • Great for pets:

    FDA warns that almost all hand sanitizers are toxic to us and may be lethal to our pets.  Just spray Healthy Hands Spray, rub paws and body with a towel. A few seconds of care avoids bringing the unwelcome into your home.

      Leah and I are so grateful that you have supported our passion for over 34 years.  Healthy Hands Spray has presented us with an opportunity to give back in what we do best--natural skin-care.  The low price for Spray covers part of our cost.  The goal is to help keep our community of followers safe and is a way to say Thank you to those who have made such a contribution to our lives for more than a generation.

 With our heartfelt gratitude,

Leah and German Ruiz