Skin Oxygenator

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Skin Oxygenator
Powerful anti aging; oxygenate, exfoliate, detox, energize. Calm sensitive, irritated, rashes, oily, dry skin. Remove infectious acne-causing bacteria, add a healthy glow to all skin types


Skin Oxygenator--What a Powerful yet gentle anti aging tool to, oxygenate, exfoliate, detox, energize normal skin, soothe and calm sensitive and irritated skin, placate rashes, remove infectious acne-causing bacteria, add a healthy glow to all skin types.

It takes 23 parts of oxygen to 1 part of a nutrient for perfect metabolic combustion.

Here’s how you can easily and effectively boost your skin’s oxygen for optimum health and beauty.  Oxygen is a critical element to our health and life. Immediately on applying Skin Oxygenator to skin you will experience superbly enhanced skin health.

Our added trace minerals provide additional recovery from acne, sun damage, wrinkles, sunburn, rashes. 

Skin looks smoother and pores more refined. The aerobic (oxygen super-rich) environment created by

Skin Oxygenator:

  • Delivers oxygen and calms skin.
  • Excellent for acne, irritation or rashes
  • Rids all skin types of harmful bacteria and pathogens that impair cell functions, thus it strengthens cells.
  • A must for acne, beautifies and rejuvenates all skin types it provides a healthier ambience that reduces skin degeneration—it’s anti aging.

HOW TO USE Skin Oxygenator

  1. Cleanse skin with Face & Body Wash, Grime Fighter 
  2. Soak a small piece of sterile cotton with the Skin Oxygenator
  3. Saturate desired areas using gentle, short strokes.
  4. Re-cap bottle immediately!
  5. Do twice daily, follow up with C-Serum, Renewal Complex or any of the other The Vital Image skin nourishers (Pot of Gold, Cherry Yam, Saffron Complex, Cleopatra’s Dream, Genie, Youth Factor etc.)
  6. STORE 'Oxygenator' IN A DARK, COOL PLACE

Contains: Pure, highly charged mineralized water, contains electrolytes, trace minerals.

Experience superbly enhanced skin health, free of acne irritations, rashes with the Skin Oxygenator. Excellent for all skin types.