Vital Cell Serum

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Vital Cell Serum
Plump, firm, hydrate, anti age, skin firming cream; Boost performance of all Vital Image products.


Plump your skin, give it a firm look, hydrate it, maximize anti age benefits; a skin firming cream that will boost performance of all Vital Image products It totally surprised us. Customers had us scrambling to make them more and more. We didn’t expect the bonanza of enhancements when used with our other products. You’ll love what it does for your skin too. Why we are so excited about VitalCell Serum and why you will be too! We designed, blended and extendedly tested the VitalCell Serum for two years and we finally obtained desired results with a formula that may raise the bar of anti-aging products, including skin firming, moisturizing tightening and skin repair that this skin cream delivers. The nutritional properties of this multi-functional skin product generate impressive, visible results. You too may enjoy the continuing, cumulative improvements with the VitalCell Serum that delight your experience! What may VitalCell do for your skin? Show a more plump, firm, youthful look Boost performance of all Vital Image products Raise skin’s vibrant, youthful color & glow Support more rapid cell renewal Help radiate a more energized appearance Diminish effects of free radical damage Minimize lines & wrinkles beautify texture Neutralize environmental stress Exhibit a more toned, sculptured look Optimize tissue oxygenation How do you use the VitalCell Serum? Frequent application may very quickly bring about noticeable and cumulative health and beauty to skin. People showed remarkable increases in elasticity, refreshed glow, smoother, tighter appearance, very visible reduction in flaccidity of skin and boosted plumpness. VitalCell Serum is ideal for both men and women of all ages and skin types. When you are looking for best results please observe the suggestions below: Wash face with Face & Body Wash or Waterless Cleanser Apply Grime Fighter Spray Phyto Hydrator and tap in, Option: At this point you may apply any other Vital Image product such as a complex. VitalCell may augment its performance. Apply a light coat of VitalCell Serum Mist lightly again with PhytoHydrator. Please note: VitalCell is not a moisturizer. Use with more or less PhytoHydrator and/or Lipid Complex depending on the weather. Those with oily skin can use it plain with great results. For best rejuvenation mix it up! Alternate days or layer over your Vital Image skin nourishers. Your skin will show its appreciation!

Contains: Aloe vera, COPS (Charged Organic Particles--Submicroscopic), vitamin E complex, green tea extract, sodium hyaluronate, horsetail extract, cucumber extract, avocado extract, grapeseed extract, vitamin B complex extracts of prune, apple & watermelon, lavender oil, maitake extract, Co Q 10, calendula extract sunflower oil, sage extract, carrot oil, rosemary oil.