Eye Area Builder

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Eye Area Builder

Moisturize, protect, add elasticity, maintain, and rejuvenate that very delicate eye area and lip zone.


The area around your eyes contains the most delicate, thinnest, and most fragile skin of the body.

That’s why we created Eye Area Builder.  

Green tea is valued for reducing puffiness and Eye Area Builder contains an effective amount of pure green tea extract.

The Charged Organic Particles help essential nutrients and plant extracts be absorbed into this delicate area to assist

  • Hydration
  • Elasticity
  • RejuvenatIon

With continued use, the area around your eyes will look smooth, youthful, attractive and vital.

Guidelines for Use:

  • Cleanse and purify your skin
  • Gently pat Eye Area Builder around the eye area (lip area is also popular)
  • Continue with your Vital Image 

For Optimum Results Consider Using:

Face & Body Wash (before)

Grime Fighter (before)

PhytoHydrator (after)

Skin Renewal Complex (after)

As always, our active biodegradable ingredients are pro-ecology, food grade, and never tested on animals.


Contains: COPS, rose, horsetail, mineral water, avocado, olive, bee pollen, alfalfa, olive oil, jojoba, glycerin, Vitamin E.