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Night Wonder 1.25 oz

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Night Wonder 1.25 oz
Night Wonder 1.25 oz
Night Wonder by The Vital Image
Night Wonder 1.25 oz
Accelerate collagen production, protect skin-cell DNA, annul inflammation, boost cell energy, help recover skin tone, 100% natural.


Why use Night Wonder?

  • To rebuild a fuller, younger more vital look FAST!
  • To promote collagen and elastin 
  • Feed your skin KEY Nutrients for maximum rejuvenation
  • FIGHT natural and unnatural causes of aging--free-radical damage of cell nucleus
  • Transform DNA and collagen to more youthful states
  • Reduce Inflamed tissues, reverse negative chain reaction
  • Re-establish lost plasma's oxygen.
  • Recapture cell's oxygen to reduce crosslinking that causes wrinkling and micro scarring
  • Combat signs of DEGENERATION such as: Dryness (after "30"), sun damage, lost skin tone, thinning tissue, sagging and loss of firmness.

Scientists have repeatedly concluded that our skin rejuvenates while we sleep and between midnight and 4:00 a.m.  Our supply of the key rejuvenating ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid plunges downward from age 30 on, and we begin to notice it exponentially as we age such as when our skin just doesn't recoil as it used to, our collagen diminishes to less voluminous (thinner skin) and texture gets more difficult to smooth even with makeup; well, we begin to look "older".

We detected and experienced some very positive skin quality changes within 28-50 days when we and a group of folks who applied what has become Night Wonder (nutrients listed below) every night before bed.  

Why Night Wonder can also help you to look younger:  it contributes to

  • Increase micro-circulation to give you a more vibrant appearance
  • Accelerate collagen production, skin's volume will remind of a younger you
  • Protect skin-cell DNA from damage, younger skin cells reproduce vital skin
  • Redirect inflammation so that your skin tone is more even, cooler
  • Boost cell energy, help your skin be more taut and recoil quicker.

 Uniquely 100% natural, chemical free, not tested on animals, plant derived, contains no glycolics or acids, delivers hyaluronic acid to your skin tissues.

A teacher in our test group, Janice M. told us, “A book on how to look younger must include the Night Wonder. " 

How To Apply; recommended before bed:

  1. Clean your skin with Face & Body Wash
  2. Continue with Grime Fighter
  3. Phyto Hydrator, myst generously to activate
  4. Night Wonder, apply over entire area
  5. Massage gently and thoroughly, apply as often as you feel your skin needs it.  Mornings too:
  6. Focus on areas you feel you need extra help--face, eye area, lips, lip-lines, neck & chest

Contains: Organic Aloe, COPS (Charged Organic Particles, Hyaluronic Acid vitamins A, B, E, Beta carotene, B complex, Omegas 3, 9, Quercetin (bioflavonoid), Carnosine, Colostrum, DHLA Noni, Super Noni, rose, walnut oil, cucumber, avocado, calamine, sunflower oil, Green Tea, Tocotrienols, Horse Chestnut, Propolis Nano, CoQ10 Detox, key anti-oxydants, lavender, proprietary herbal blend.

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