Lift & Firm Complex - 1/3 oz.

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Lift & Firm Complex, 1/3 oz. 
All natural, organic cream lifts face tissues, firms skin, fights defuses wrinkles, flaccid skin and rejuvenates.


Natural, organic plant-based cream that lifts the face, firms your skin, reduces wrinkles, flaccid skin, diminishes lines, overcomes premature aging and allows you to lie about your age and get away with it. · Brighter Skin · More even skin tone · More refined pores · Contouring for enhanced features such as cheekbones · Eyes appear more open · Jaw-line and neck look smoother and tighter We developed this cutting edge formulation to transform inelastic, “lazy” facial skin and muscle into a responsive more elastic, recoiling structure that defines youth and vitality. Melinda W. of Los Angeles, CA claims she was caught having a 25 year old’s face on a 39 year-old’s body after using the Lift & Firm Complex for three months! Most users break the skin "aging barrier" and quickly move into the tightening phase within 30 days (one 1oz. Jar). Lift & Firm Complex does not replace any of the other complexes. The specific function of this complex is to lift and firm the skin. The nutrients in the other complexes are essential to maximum skin health and beauty. For many thousands, the combination of Collagen Builder to neutralize free radicals that destroy collagen and Lift & Firm to tighten the skin has become the powerful anti wrinkle anti sagging weapon. Skin is skin, so you can use Lift & Firm in any body part that has become flaccid. Customers have given unsolicited reports of success in firming face, neck and under arms. SUGGESTED USE of Lift & Firm: Week 1--Loading Phase Twice a day: Cleanse as usual with the Face & Body Wash, Grime Fighter or Waterless Cleanser--the Skin Oxygenator is an excellent option. Apply PhytoHydrator generously. Start with sections of the face, such as the jaw-line; apply an ample amount of the Lift & Firm using brisk, upward strokes (as in brushing the skin) to enhance the electrical activity and penetration. When penetration is achieved and glide is diminished, do another application—remember, the objective is to load-up the skin. Cover the entire face, including upper and lower eye zone and neck. Goal during application: Do not stretch the skin! Note: Some experience a stinging sensation particularly over eyelids and may experience a peel following the first application. Exfoliate with sugar and Face & Body Wash 2-3 times a week. Weeks 2-4 Apply once or twice a day as above, following up with the Complexes of your choice. Week 5--Rest You should have finished your first jar and may be ready for maintenance. Pause for about 5 days and return to your usual Skin Renewal routine. Excellent results come following re-introduction of the cream after a few days’ break. Maintenance: You should now look in the mirror and love what you see! Use Lift and Firm according to the skin needs you observe, usually 2-7 times a week. Contains: Charged Organic Particles (in-house formula), charged extract of wild Mexican yam root, Chinese wild yam root, plant sterols, fresh, young organic aloe vera inner leaf, Vitamins E, C, A, calcium, magnesium, zinc, extracts of fenugrek, horsetail, cat claw, passionflower, black cohosh and ginseng.