Emergency Spot Remover - ½ oz.

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Emergency Spot Remover -  ½ oz.
Emergency Spot Remover -  ½ oz.
Emergency Spot Remover, ½ oz. Personal, Non Toxic Biodegradable.
Emergency Spot Remover
Personal, Non Toxic Biodegradable.


That's what it it is:  Emergency Spot Remover; you spill splash or have your clothes come in contact with a food, perhaps at a restaurant, you'll be so glad that you packed the Spot Remover before you left home in your pocket or purse so you could erase the memory of the mishap on your blouse, sweater, jacket. . . . .Just  squeeze a couple of drops in the area, rub with a napkin or cloth and leave the insulted area as if nothing had happened.

This biodegradable, non-toxic · miracle lifts unwanted spatters, pen marks, oils, grime, etc. · just apply at restaurants, home, anywhere. · Treat your expensive clothing made of virtually any fabric safely, quickly and easily. ·

Also for carpets, drapes, upholstery, and leather. You find a spot on the carpet or rug?  Get the  Emergency Spot Remover on it and spot be gone.

A couple of weeks ago coming out of the farmer's market we got in the car, grabbed a couple of apples from the bag and since it had no doubt been unsuspectedly handled, while I drove Leah whipped out the Emergency Spot Remover and removed impurities or who knows what from the about-to-be-eaten fruit.  We always laugh and brag about how crazy clever we are about these things--and it's so simple.

How to Use Spot Remover

  1. Squeeze a drop or more, or spray into soiled area
  2. Wait a few seconds for penetration
  3. Rub treated area with clean cloth or use your finger nail in emergency.  Better not to introduce added oils to the problem area.


Distilled water, COPS.


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