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~98nl.CB1: No label Collagen Builder 1 oz.

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~98nl.CB1: No label Collagen Builder 1 oz.
~98nl.CB1: No label Collagen Builder 1 oz.
~98nl.CB1: No label Collagen Builder 1 oz.

Collagen Builder:  For whom and when:

You want to reverse wrinkles, lines, loose jowls,

Recapture elasticity, volume, texture, color and glow

NOW!--and who would not want all this? Some of our customers call it “Collagen Re-builder!” They claim it gets rid of wrinkles, sagging skin, it tightens jowls, lip lines, on and on.

We’ve seen it all for years and we love it. You’ll love it too.

  • Rebuild your fuller, younger look fast.
  • STOP, reverse and prevent tissue loss.
  • Tighten up jowls, eye area, lips, lip lines, neck and chest areas.
  • Add volume and elasticity to your skin, which will result in a younger and more beautiful you.
  • Get noticeable, visible results in 7 days, within 30 days people will begin to tell you, and in 90 days your mirror will reveal a much, much younger you!
  • Collagen Builder delivers nutrients essential to tissues to naturally rebuild, maintain and repair your own collagen that skin has lost due to free radical damaging action, (sub-clinical inflammation), chain reaction of free-radical damage, oxygen loss, cross-linking, degeneration and micro scarring.
  • Collagen Builder also refines pores and lightens brown age spots. Please note that it contains NO collagen, rather, it contains all the nutrients that your skin needs to rebuild your own tissue in a totally natural way--just a short wait to see your wonderful results.
  • Exceptional for every skin type--normal, problem, women, men, mature, young, dry, oily.

Contains: Organic Aloe, COPS (Charged Organic Particles vitamin E, Organic Jojoba, C Ester, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, MSM, proprietary charged organic herbal blend. 

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