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Super Cleaner Degreaser


Fruit & VegiClean


Spot Remover


Greengo--Safe Pesticide

Super Cleaner Degreaser

This wonder cleaning product we use for all our cleaning from our teeth--with wonderful dental reports of our dentist to cleaning the oil off the garage floor.Natural Skin Care Products that reduce wrinkles, anti acne and reverse aging skin

Super Cleaner Degreaser


Accepted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)


bullet4 TIMES the cleaning power per ounce of others
bullet99% active ingredients, just add water to activate


bulletCosts only pennies per gallon, No spoilage, No waste, Minimal storage requirements

Add water at use time, save on shipping & storage


bulletNON-caustic, NON-fuming, NON-flammable, NON-hazardous, NON-toxic
bulletNo need to use protective clothing or gloves


bulletKeeps surfaces clean longer, repels dirt and grime
bulletNever store or dispose of toxic cleaners again


bulletNO Phosphates, Nitrates, OR Hard Chemicals
bulletIs 99% BIODEGRADABLE in 7 days!

What is Super CD, What does it do?

USDA approved SUPER CLEANER & DEGREASER (SUPER CD) is the century’s answer for those who clean hospitals, offices, restaurants, pet shelters, factories, garages, shops, warehouses, hotels, motels, homes.

How Super CD handles Problems:

Super CD solves these problems elegantly and without any compromise. This Single--All-In-One cleaner/degreaser replaces dozens of ‘One-special-use’ products such as ‘degreasers’, ‘oven cleaners’, ‘griddle cleaners’:, ‘stainless steel cleaners’, or ‘glass cleaners’, etc.

Super CD Cleans the NON-Toxic Way!

Most dirt and grime stick to and are attracted surfaces because of some type of grease, static electricity or both. There are three types of grease: water soluble, oil soluble, and neither water or oil soluble. Most chemicals can only work on one or the other, not all three. The most powerful chemicals can work on two of the three, but not all three types--these are usually toxic in nature. Now meet the real ‘Grime Fighters’!

Super CD is different from others in that its unique Charged Organic Particles that are Submicroscopic in size (COPS) give results that other products cannot.

Bring in the SWAT team of Cleaners!

Leave professional cleaning jobs to the ‘Pros’. Super CD COPS’ magnetic forces attract and lift grime and soil from surfaces by reducing the surface tension of water by 50%, even when diluted to as little as 1 to 3,250 parts of water!

The COPS encircle dirt, grease (water, oil soluble and not oil-soluble or water) and grime particles, hold them in suspension and break them down while separating them from the surface to be cleaned.

COPS repel each other continually so they disperse soil throughout the solution. This explains why Super CD cleans as do soaps, detergents, solvents, etc., but without toxic chemicals or abrasive action.

COPS create an anti-static barrier that repels dirt and oils to cleaned surfaces, thus increasing the time between cleanings.

Now it becomes evident that since no harsh chemicals are needed to do the job and that Super CD is Super People Friendly, Super Safe to Our Environment, Super Efficient, Super Powerful, Super Economical and it has the Perfect Safety Factor that makes it the ideal product to use.

OFF with the Old, ON with the New

As you eliminate the several old fashioned products from your storage bins, Super CD will replace them and secure maximum safety to people, and you'll no longer need to use protective gloves as was required when using caustic products that burn or irritate the skin, cause serious injury to eyes and even give off harmful vapors.

How to use Super CD Diverse Jobs

The table below shows the dilution of Super CD in water. For example: To prepare a solution to wash cars, pour 1 ounce of Super CD to about 1 gallon of water. To use as an industrial degreaser add about 1 ounce of Super CD to 10 ounces of water--Tap or even salt water will do!

Easy housekeeping: Get 3, 16 oz. spray bottles, add Super CD, label and fill them with water and add Super CD as follows: (1) Glass Cleaner--1/32 tsp. CD, (2) General Purpose—1/8 tsp CD, (3) Heavy Cleaner—1/4 tbs. CD.

Table of Dilution per Type of Job


Super CD


Glass Cleaner



Car Wash



Steam Cleaning Fluid



Hard Surface Cleaner



Spray Washing Fluid



Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo



General Purpose Cleaner



Boat Cleaner



Walls & Woodwork Cleaner



Hotel/Motel Housekeeping



Engine Cleaner



Industrial Degreaser



Oven Cleaner



Cleaner Jewelry,  copper, brass, silver




Some applications of Super CD: steam cleaning, high pressure spray washing, cleaning vents and hoods over kitchen ovens and ranges, store-room areas, food preparation areas, dispensing equipment, counters, dishwashers, sinks, cupboards, rest-rooms, light fixtures, walls, woodwork and windows, decor cleaning, air conditioning, furniture, upholstery, in or as a laundry compound and spot remover, relieves clogged sewers and drains, removes tarnish and corrosion from copper, brass and silver in machine shops, as water treatment for boilers, metal cleaner--removes mill and processing oil, dust control, degreaser, etc. 

Spot Remover


Biodegradable, Non-Toxic


·       Lift unwanted spatters, pen marks, oils, grime, etc.

·       Apply at restaurants, home, anywhere.

·       Treat your expensive clothing made of virtually any fabric safely, quickly and easily.

·       Also for carpets, drapes, upholstery, and leather.


How to Use Spot Remover

1.     Squeeze a drop or more, or spray into soiled area

2.     Wait a few seconds for penetration

3.     Rub treated area with clean cloth or use your finger nail in emergency.



Fruit & VegiClean

•Clean Toxic Residues from your Fruits & Vegetables

•Enjoy Natural Fruit & Vegetable Tastes

•Easy, Convenient to Use

•Natural, Food Grade, USDA Accepted

•People & Planet Friendly

Fruit/VegiClean will simply, efficiently, safely and economically remove potentially harmful substances from your fruits and vegetables that may be present so that you can get your food’s full nutritional value and enjoy the taste as nature intended.

How to Use Fruit/VegiClean

•1. Empty the 1-oz. Fruit/VegiClean concentrate into a full 1-gallon container of water,

•2. Stir thoroughly and pour some into a Spray bottle,

•3. Spray Fruit/VegiClean on fruits or vegetables.  Allow 2 minutes or more to penetrate, biodegrade loosen and: Remove: •waxes, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, oils, hydrocarbons, etc. that may be present and

 •4. Rinse.  No need to further scrub, wipe or towel clean. Your vegetables and/or fruits are ready to eat or prepare!




Click here to see Material Safety Data Sheet >> MSDS

Biodegradable Miticide / Insecticide Pesticide

         Greengo--Safe Pesticideã  for:

Ants, Aphids, Beetles, Boll Weevils, Leafhoppers, Leaf miners, Mites, Certain Mold, Mildew, Thripps, Two Spotted Spider Mite, White Flies 

·       Does not harm the environment / Not hazardous

·       Not harmful to humans—workers do not have to be protected from it

·       Can be used without harming a watershed or stream

·       Insects cannot build up a resistance to it

·       Insects that have developed resistance to regular pesticides are killed

·       There are no restrictions on the amount that can be used or on residues on crops

·       Can be used indoors or outdoors

·       Greengo is guaranteed 100% when used according to specifications below



Use this product in accordance with its labeling.


Apply as needed for control. 

When insects are causing economic damage continue applications at 4 – 14 day intervals, or as needed.

There is no restriction in the number of applications.

Foliage treatments:  

Apply Greengo with manual, ground or aerial equipment to all crops. 

Do not spray during strong temperature inversion.

When spraying crops near maturity an application system that gives maximum penetration of the crop canopy to get a good insect kill.

Do not apply to crops in bloom unless a test application has been performed.

Best results will be obtained by applications in early evening to slow evaporation.

Do not apply within 1 hour of rain.

There are no grazing or crop restrictions

Greengo is toxic to bees.


General Application Instructions

Greengoã formulation mixes readily with water, and controls a wide spectrum of insects, mites and nematodes on trees, shrubs, foliage plants, fruit and nut trees, flowers and crops.  Greengoã can be applied as foliar or soil directed spray for nematodes.  When mixing Greengoã, observe all precautions and limitations on this product label.  

When mixing Greengoã with water:  1) Add water to container    2) Add Greengoã to water   3) Agitate.

At the recommended application rate of:

 100 parts of water to 1 part of Greengoã by volume

Use 1.3 fl. oz (38ml.) Greengoã  into each 1 gal. of water

 Typical Applications:      160 liters (55 gal.) per acre

                                              400 liters per hectare

1 ¼ gal. Per  1000 square feet

Maximum Application:  1600 liters (422 gal.) per acre

                                              4000 liters (1056 gal.) per hectare

Active Ingredient: (Net Contents By Weight) Sodium Laurel Sulfate                                                                                                          8.0%   

Inert Ingredients: Water, Carrot, Corn Oil, Glycerin, Guar Gum, Onion, 

Orange Pulp, Soy Bean Oil, Vanillin                                                                92.0%  

                                                                                                                                             TOTAL                                                                 100.0% 


Exempt from EPA pesticide registration by FIFRA Section 25(b) as outlined in Title 40CFR Section 152.25


The Manufacturer warrants that this product conforms to the chemical description on the label and is fit for the purposes described in the directions for Use.  

The Manufacturer makes no other express or implied warranty.  

In no case shall the Manufacturer or the Seller be liable for consequential, special, or indirect damages resulting from the use or misuse or handling of this product.

 Greengo is sold in (1.3 oz. to make 1 gal), (8 oz. to make 6.3 gal.), 1 gal. to make 100 gal. of Sprayable product.

 Please contact The Vital Image for Quantity Pricing, Distribution and Commercial Use.


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