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Reverse Hair Loss for Men and Women 

Regain a Full Head of HairAgain

100 % Guaranteed Amazing Results

So Quick, Easy,  Undetectable—You just:


May reduce hair loss within 3 weeks


For mild, moderate or advanced hair loss


NOT a drug: No side effects, all natural, effective for both men and women


Guarantee:  100% refund if not completely satisfied, regardless of your reason


So affordable!

For Those Who Demand the Very Best!


HairAgain may make re-growing Your hair a reality --Reverse your hair loss Now!

Hair loss, one of the biological factors used by scientists and by most of us as an aging marker, causes people to deal with it in different ways.  Some re-style hair to minimize or hide it, others shave, “short-cut”, comb over, or just let it all hang out.  Many wear hats, hair pieces, resort to cosmetic procedures or even surgery.  No normal person wants to look old, needlessly, before his/her time.

The Vital Image has had  very positive results with small population of 400 balding men and women.  The promising results obtained so far encourage us to now offer it to all of our dear customers.

We don't want to just "sell hope in a bottle".  We have worked out a systematic, hopefully logical approach to control hair loss.  We suggest that you obtain the necessary,  strongly recommended supplements via another vendor since we are not a vitamin and supplement company.  We treat the hair loss subject as an answer to the hundreds of questions that you, are most highly valued customers/friends have asked us to result and help you solve.. 

"Hair loss reversal is hopeless"--or is this a Myth?  Those health practitioners, chemists, doctors, researchers, and other “experts” who don’t know of HairAgain say that hair loss is irreversible--out of our control.  Please read below to find out why we may actually lose hair and how we may reverse it!  One may Reverse Hair Loss NOW!--the easy way.    One may regain a younger looking, fuller head of hair of yesteryear in a simple, elegant manner—Just spray and GO!

 Science believes that there is an identifiable chemical reason for hair loss, and we may have found it!   The "Impaired" follicle, as in the graphic, is surrounded by and "cemented in" by some or all of the following: DHT, undigested proteins, sugars, toxins, dirt, chemicals and often pathogens that the skin has not been able to expel.   Furthermore, the skin may have formed a callused, hardened barrier that obstructs the hair shaft's growth.  These barriers may block the hair follicles' feeding and expelling channels causing hair to lengthen their dormant cycles or even to die.  

Normally, each hair shaft, of about 100,000 on the average head, grows for from two to eight years, then it takes a break for a few weeks.  Then, it sheds that hair and starts the cycle all over again.

Each day we lose about 100 hairs this way.  No big deal, about an equal number of follicles enter the growth phase on the same day, and about 90 percent to 95 percent of the follicles are busy growing new hair.  

But in some cases and in selected places on the scalp this orderly process goes awry.  The hair-growing phase gets progressively shorter, while the resting phase gets longer.  So the resulting hairs get shorter and shorter with each trip through the cycle.  Eventually they don't even poke out through the scalp.

What's more,  affected follicles take longer to start growing hair again after they've shed the last one.  And, they shrink so that the hair they produce is finer.  The total number of remaining hairs slips by about 5 percent per year.

Medical literature cites that many men (about 50 million in the U.S.) and women (about 30 million) who exhibit pattern hair loss produce an enzyme called 5-alpha Reductase.   This enzyme binds with and converts testosterone into dehydrotestosterone (DHT) which may not be used and therefore "floats" up to the top of the scalp (an oily substance in an 80% water medium).  DHT may be one of the culprits that with the presence of other factors inhibit hair growth, many scientists seem to agree.  Reduction of DHT alone may reduce future hair loss, yet results from this single action may not yield optimum results.

How HairAgain may help to re-grow your own lost hair:  Our blended natural botanicals  may work to rid the scalp of barriers that block or impair hair growth while delivering missing key nutrients that promote existing and renewed growth of stronger, healthier hair shafts.  How HairAgain may help to re-grow your own lost hair:  Our blended natural botanicals  may work to rid the scalp of barriers that block or impair hair growth while delivering missing key nutrients that promote existing and renewed growth of stronger, healthier hair shafts. 


Here is what one may experience:  Within just a couple of weeks after starting this simple routine:  Mist and tap every a.m. before washing or shampooing hair.  One may notice a balancing of overly-oily or overly-dry scalp--the first sign of progress, or at least that something positive happening.  

Around the fourth week the number of hairs lost is noticeably reduced.  This may be a signal that your condition may be caused by the common DHT/5-alpha-reductase condition and that your hair-loss control routine may be working.

Within 12 weeks some "baby" hair clusters may start breaking through, growing and filling in balding areas on the crown.  Then, these "babies" may turn into longer and thicker shafts--not just "fuzz".     

Often, after 12-15 weeks many of these "babies" may begin to grow out giving the beginning appearance of a fuller head of hair.  

Using HairAgain may be a wonderful personal journey during the "work in progress" phase; yet, nothing is more thrilling than after the job is complete.  Remember to also follow  the Keys  to Inhibit 5-alpha  Reductase explained below.

Nature showed kindness giving preferential treatment to our "gals" by letting HairAgain work much faster than for "guys".  She also seems to regulate that when less time has elapsed since hair loss the faster it may come back.  She also eased up on younger (less patient) folks to re-grow sooner than for the more patient seniors. 

Why is HairAgain Unique?


  1. Just spray rinse off and go!Just spray rinse off and go!

  2. After the “Daily Loading” and “Growth” phases when you are satisfied with your hair growth, keep  the scalp from degenerating and let you continue to grow your hair with just 1-2 applications a week.

  3. HairAgain is NOT a drug, NOT a synthetic, NOT a medication, NOT a cure.  It IStotally safe, 100% natural, free of side effects and has shown to be effective!--HairAgain just cleans, softens, nourishes and oxygenates the scalp so that your body can manifest the hair it is well capable of  producing.

  4. After the initial months of treatment just a few applications per month are needed.  Just continue following the "Keys to inhibit 5-alpha Reductase explained below.

About Ingredients:

 Contains:  De-ionized water, COPS, vinegar, aloe vera, extracts of lemon, mint, chamomile, rose,  horsetail, rosemary, plantain,  acrimony, borage,   chervil, comfrey, fennel sweet.

Women respond more quickly than men.  More time is required for hair to penetrate through men’s thicker scalp than for women and because men may produce greater amounts of testosterone.   HairAgain can more easily penetrate women's softer and less dense scalp so that hair breaks through in less time.  Yet, HairAgain begins to work within seconds of your first application and succeeding sprayings.  Visible results usually come within 90 days of consistent misting and shampooing.   

Possible Causes of hair  loss



5-alpha  reductase--Excess may convert testosterone to DHT--May shorten growth phase  


Hardening of dermis at the scalp--Blocked nutrient transfer and absorption to cells; Blocked toxin expulsion           


Thyroid or other endocrine gland imbalances  


Flawed Metabolism-- Improper nutrient usage and/or availability; Longer hair dormant phase


Missing metabolic enzymes


Toxins & Microbes, shampoos, chemicals, etc.


Clogging--Choking of hair shafts; Obstruction of nutrient absorption and toxin expulsion


Circulation reduced--Nutrients don't get to scalp cells; Toxins not removed; Hair fall out at faster rate than normal; Growth/Dormant Cycles reversed

Several diseases, including typhoid and scarlet fever, may also cause baldness.  A gradual loss of hair can be caused by stress, malnutrition, endocrine disorders, drug poisoning, and other diseases.  Hair loss caused by disease can be temporary or permanent, depending on the severity and duration of the disease. 

Certain drugs (antidepressants, blood thinners, hypertension and arthritis medications, and anabolic steroids) can  cause hair loss. The most frequent cause of nonhereditary hair loss is the scalp disorder seborrheic dermatitis. Ringworm, pus-forming infections and burns may also cause loss of hair in affected areas.

HairAgain may help reverse hair loss in cases where obstructions to the hair shaft environment can be decongested. 

Treatment may be more successful and occur faster when problems are identified and treated sooner rather than later--the sooner the better.  Even though hair may be re-grown and recovered after several decades of it being gone, the follicle must be alive for it to have a chance to grow.  Our aim is to make going bald optional, with HairAgain.

Guide:   From Gone Today to Hair Tomorrow!

1..Part hair down the middle, spray scalp generously HairAgain and pat briefly and gently onto scalp.   Concentrate more on affected areas.  Part hair on one side and saturate that section of the scalp, repeat until all affected areas of the scalp have been covered.  The  higher number of mists may be needed to pass through fuller hair covering of your scalp. 

2.  Wait for about one minute then shampoo or wash off so that all oils, and broken-down barriers are removed from the scalp.

Suggested Schedule for Spraying HairAgain on Scalp:

The Turbo Start approach offers an "overwhelming attack" to culprits in the area affected by beginning a breaking down of barriers that are impeding hair growth.  Strongly suggested as a first powerful step that begins neutralization of the scalp territory.  The more diligently that this  alternative step is performed the quicker the initial results may be noticed.

Turbo Start  

Hair-loss culprits may have been degrading a scalp for several years, or even decades, prior to noticing significant hair loss suffered by men and women who have had no adequate defense against them.  

Those wishing to overcome these culprits may then wish to adopt an intense plan to reverse hair degradation.  Fortunately, the ideal solution of choice may contain three key pillars:  (1) Discipline--Doing what has to be done when it has to be done; (2) HairAgain; (3) following the Internal Keys  to Inhibit 5-alpha  reductase, and (4) Time (consistently investing a few minutes per day brushing scalp).  

Here is a routine that has shown to significantly speed up results:

Week 1:  These steps may bring down barriers and nourish inactive follicles so that hair may start growing as soon as possible.  Of course, even better results may be realized if Turbo Start is repeated for longer periods.

Morning Routine:

1.  Brush hair gently but thoroughly for about 2-5 minutes (300+ strokes).

2.  Spray HairAgain so as to cover target area of the scalp, gently massage and tap it with finger tips into scalp until it has been absorbed into the scalp and hair does not feel wet.  If extra oiliness is noticed on finger tips and scalp  wipe it off.  Create no friction at the scalp that pulls baby hairs out. 

3.   Wash scalp:

        4a.  Flood scalp with warm (not too hot) water,

         4b.  To prevent re-contamination of scalp use The Vital Image Renewal Shampoo (100% natural, leaves no residue), raises pH of scalp, is an excellent companion to HairAgain.  

         4c.  Gently massage-in shampoo for 30 seconds or more to promote removal of foreign materials  

         4d.  Let it remain for at 1 minute or more on scalp. 

         4e.  Direct warm water to scalp for about 2 minutes or more, so as to rinse  shampoo from hair and scalp.  

          4f.  Follow up with 30 seconds of cool water directly on the scalp to close up the pores (head closer to shower spout may reduce cold water spray on rest of body, if this cold would be undesired).

 5.  Take  supplements at breakfast time suggested in Keys  to Inhibit 5-alpha  reductase    

 Evening Routine

 6.  Repeat step 1 once more--brush hair as suggested above. 

Decisively freeing follicles and renovating hair-growth territory by bringing down barriers and providing key nutrition, circulation and oxygen to hair follicles aggressively may be a very desirable course of action early in the program.

NOTE:  More is not better.  Desired benefits by applying too much HairAgain may not be achieved.  Do not over-apply.  Best results have been reported by those who ensure that all product and its captured culprits (DHT and other materials) are removed from your scalp after application of HairAgain. 


Loading Phase

Months 1-6—Spray and gently massage-in every day, once a day.  More often may not bring about faster results.

                       Massage often during the day as possible and take suggested supplements 3-4 times a day.

Growth Phase: Months 7-12--Spray 3 times per week; 

                             Months 12-15--Spray 2-5 times per week

Maintenance: Spray 1-2 times per week.  If hair fallout reappears GO TO "Loading Phase" or "Turbo Start".  Continue to take supplements 3-4 times a day every day.

The only place "success" comes before "work" is in the dictionary.   So, strive to take the optimum amount of effort to maintain your scalp/hair in good health.  You may have to continually keep control of your body's tendency to degrade your scalp.  Luckily, this could be done with an investment of just a couple of minutes a week after you achieve desired results, an excellent return on your investment, don't you think?

Individual Outcome Will Vary Depending on:


Age--Younger hair may grow back sooner;


Gender--Females may re-grow hair faster;


State of health—Those in better health get quicker results;


Area of scalp--Crown, top, temples grow sooner;


Hair that has been gone longer may take longer to re-grow;


Those with healthy diets may re-grow hair faster.


Consistency of application gets superior


Following the program consistently and adapting the "additional self-help ideas" and supplements suggested below.

Time + Persistence = Success

Make no mistake about this, especially at the beginning during the "Turbo Start" and “Loading Cycle”.  Be aggressive at breaking down hair growth barriers.   Here is a typical cycle for HairAgain users:

1st Month

             HairAgain may re-balance scalp--A key to breaking barriers and their build up,

             May see reduced hair loss,

             Active shafts may regain strength.

        3rd Month

             Fine hair may sprout; first areas--magnifying glass, may feel bristles of "baby" hair,

  Hair roots may thicken & gain length in first areas that exhibited growth,

             New areas of growth might sprout, thicker shafts appear,

             Growth may be noticeable to you--You can touch it and see it,  

      8th Month

             1"-2"+ growth several areas are common,

             Hair coverage may be credibly noticeable,

             You will be assured, delighted with your progress,

             Growth may be obvious to others,

              It may begin to take you longer to dry your hair.

If treatments are stopped or reduced by too much, hair fall-out may re-start.  Return to "Turbo Start" or "Load Phase"


Additional Self-Help Ideas that have shown to be critical  to improve hair growth


      Research shows and we strongly suggest  that the following supplements are necessary to enhance your hair growth routine.  Hair loss must be attacked from inside and outside the body.

Keys that you must follow to Inhibit 5-alpha reductase          


*Very helpful

                   **Saw  Palmetto--1 capsule 160mg 3-4 times per day--

                  **Pygeum  Africanum--60-500mg 3-4 times per day,

                  **Stinging Nettle--50-100mg 3-4 times per day  

  **Zinc Picolinate--60mg 3-4 times per day

                  *Unfermented Green Tea or extract

                  *EFAs--black current  oil, 1-tsp./day--500 mg  2x day

                       *Omega 3

*Eating Suggestions                      

  1. **Eat every 3 hours.  When the body is low on blood sugar the body seems to produce excessive amounts of DHT--Not good for the promotion of hair growth   Whether eating a meal or a snack ensure that it is balanced of 30% oils, 60% carbohydrates and 10-20% protein.  This routine helps to control excessive anabolism (building up) of DHT.  Excessive quantities of animal protein may not be helpful.

  2. *Reduce amounts of animal saturated fats but 

  3. *Include mono-saturated oils such as olive oil, nuts, avocado. . .

  4. *Limit breads, pastas, potatoes

  5. *Avoid table salt, sugars, caffeine.


*Very helpful


Additional Healthful Hints that Help Grow Hair

Shampooing--Frequency: 5-7 times per week, daily better.  Use only chemical free, gentle, residue freeThe scalp is helped by the removal of foreign materials that can clog pores.

Lacquers, sprays, chemicalsAvoid contact with scalp when you style hair.  These "glues" also attach themselves to the scalp and may clog pores.

Coloring--Avoid chemical contact with scalp

Brushing:  150-300 + strokes, 2X per day as a minimum.  More frequency is better to sustain better circulation.  Can be performed before, after or in between applications of HairAgain.

Massage:  Not only does it feel good, but it increases circulation.  Just make sure that you don't pull hairs out.  Control the amount of friction applied to scalp.

Cool Water:  Many recommend that a warm-water shower and a finish with with cold water on the scalp  to close-up pores and stimulate circulation provide positive effects.

New studies suggest that both men and women may help reduce 5-alpha-reductase bonding to testosterone by applying Progesterone cream topically. 

We believe that HairAgain works!--see for yourself, it's the quickest, safest, longest lasting solution.  

It is Imperative that the nutrients suggested above be taken 3 to 4 times a day to control production of DHT.

 FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions

People have been asking the following questions about hair fall-out and hair re-growth.  Below is an attempt to provide our  best opinions and research findings for these.

Q:  Why is my hair falling out and my scalp have fewer hairs growing?

        Scientific evidence shows that about 90% of men and women who lose excessive amounts of hair, measured by count on the scalp is caused by the combining of an enzyme identified as 5-alpha-reductase with some of  the testosterone that the body makes.  The new substance is called dehydrotestosterone.  This oily substance accumulates at the scalp and recombines with numerous other substances coming from within and outside the body--undigested proteins,  sugars, hydrocarbons, bacteria and other chemicals.

Over time the volume of these substances cover larger areas of the scalp and block increasing numbers of pores, thus blocking the paths designed for the hair to grow through the scalp.  

The longer the time of blockage of the hair strand the shorter the "growth" cycle the hair becomes and the longer its "dormant" cycle will last.   This results in the lower visible hair count of the scalp.

Q:  How likely am I to regain some or all of the hair that I have lost?

        Scientists have gathered ample evidence that identify the causes of hair loss, yet finding methods for re-growth are very scant and generally unsuccessful.  Most agree that it can't be done.

Having said that, some 100 people claim to have recovered hair that had been lost for decades by following the healthy eating habits explained above--working the problem from the inside, and using HairAgain--protecting from the outside.

One might conclude that the probabilities of recovering reduced hair count from the scalp are more likely when the procedures outlined above that have shown positive results are closely followed.

Q:  What do the suggested nutrients and healthy eating habits contribute to reduce hair loss?

        Authorities suggest that internally reducing the amount of DHT will lessen the volumes of unused materials that accumulate at the scalp to block hair shafts from growing.  Since the body may continue to manufacture DHT it may be very important to maintain the suggested nutritional support to control DHT levels.  It has been shown to be of critical importance to ingest the nutrients proposed above.  Progesterone applied topically may also be an important adjunct to the program.

Q:  Will using HairAgain be necessary if I follow the nutritional guidelines diligently?

        Evidence indicates that the "two punch" approach yields significantly higher hair growth results.  Taking the supplements alone may control the DHT conversion and reduce some additional hair loss.   Yet, using HairAgain may unblock areas that would allow for re-growth of blocked hair shafts, thus increasing scalp coverage via actual hair count.  Additionally, HairAgain may raise the pH and oxygenation of hair shafts, thus, providing additional incentive for the "dormant" hair to re-grow.

Q:  What will happen when I stop using HairAgain?

        It depends on where you are at the cycle of your recovery program and whether you continue with the nutritional protocol;

1.  If one has not achieved the desired re-growth but continues to follow the internal protocol slow hair loss may  or may not re-occur, depending on how much unblocking HairAgain was called upon to perform.  Some report that after about a year using HairAgain once every week or two may be sufficient to control buildup of DHT.

2.  If one has achieved the desired re-growth but continues to follow the internal protocol still slower hair loss may or may not be noticed.  Several have noticed that longer growth cycles in various areas of the scalp have been achieved.

3.  Re-occurring Hair loss, if left unchecked, may degrade to the original levels.

Q:  What will happen if I discontinue the nutritional protocol but continue using HairAgain?

        How much DHT was actually made and blocked may determine whether HairAgain alone can limit additional blockages.  To be safe, it is strongly suggested to follow both internal and external protocols.  Some people can virtually stop using HairAgain when the internal ingestion of nutrients is strictly followed.

Q:  What will happen if I stop using the nutritional protocol and discontinue using HairAgain?

        Within several weeks you may notice a return to the pre-treatment condition.  So the key decision one makes is to either total commitment or to not undertake this approach.

Q:  Is HairAgain a drug?

        NO! HairAgain is not a drug.  It is natural and food-grade, has no odor, not oily and is undetectable shortly after application.

Q:  Is HairAgain a hair thickener?

        NO!   HairAgain works to clean the scalp--unblock the pores, provide oxygen,  and provide a healthy environment for hair to grow.

Q:  Can HairAgain be used by both men and women?

        ABSOLUTELY!   Actually, women may achieve results sooner than many men.

Q:  If HairAgain gets on any other area of the body will it cause hair to grow?

        HairAgain may grow hair only where it is genetically designed to grow.  If the destined pores are blocked HairAgain may unblock these making it possible for hair to re-grow.  


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